Carpet Cleaning – Loughborough

Carpets need to be cleaned just as much as other surfaces – and this is where GreenHeart Clean is here to help! We aim to the the number one choice for carpet cleaning in Loughborough. A clean carpet brightens up any environment, and regular cleaning ensures your home or office remains a welcoming place to be.

Carpets can trap and hold dirt and grime for long periods of time, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers and small children. Despite this, many offices and households do not ensure that their carpets are cleaned as regularly as needed – unfortunately just because the dirt is hard to spot, does not mean that it doesn’t exist!

At GreenHeart Clean we look to take the hassle out of carpet cleaning. Unlike many other cleaning services, our aim is not just to improve the carpet’s physical appearance but also to remove the source of the dirt and improve the quality of air. We will also provide you with hints and tips that we have picked up over the years about how to take care of your carpet on a regular basis.


GreenHeart Clean will provide an estimate for the cost of cleaning your carpets, and on some occasions will arrange a free visit to check the fabric, to ensure the correct cleaning method is used. We can guarantee that the eventual price will never exceed the estimate.

What you can expect from the process?

  1. We can move your furniture if required, as agreed.
  2. Pre vacuum the area with a special vacuum system designed to remove 99% of the loose dirt and loosen up the carpet fabric for effective suction.
  3. Carpet is sprayed with a safe and environmentally friendly treatment. The spray will work hard on heavy traffic areas, pet and domestic stains in order to neutralise allergens and destroy harmful bacteria and mites.
  4. We then use a water extraction machine to remove dirt and odour from the carpet. We use a special cleaning formula which deodorises, protects and rejuvenates the carpet.
  5. If necessary we will turbo dry your carpet to speed up the drying process, depending on the absorption of the fabric cleaned.

For a free estimate please call us on 01509 767560 or contact us via our website.

Carpet cleaning infographic