Factory & Plant maintenance cleaning service

Factory & Plant maintenance cleaning service

Green Heart Clean has the professional can provide a range of factory cleaning and plant maintenance cleaning service for your business. These services can be delivered either on a one-off basis by our service team of professionally trained industrial operatives during emergency shutdown periods or as part of your planned cleaning and maintenance programme by our full-time dedicated staff. We have a record of delivering work to meet a tight deadline, especially crucial for manufacturing line cleaning and maintenance when downtime are limited. All our cleaning service are planned supervised by our professional team in accordance with our proven method statement and risk assessment, audit reports are developed for record keeping and supplied to the client.

What we offer and benefits to you

Labour and production support

Provision of labour and production staff on site whenever needed for variety of long term and short term tasks.

Regular cleaning

Green Heart Clean regular cleaning service ensures an adequate level of cleanliness in all areas of your factory. Our Cleaning team are trained to clean all aspects of the factory such as staff room, factory office, board room, meeting & training rooms, washrooms, laboratories and testing rooms, carpet deep cleaning, floor cleaning, and maintenance – a bespoke that is fully managed by our supervised cleaning team.