GP surgeries and Veterinaries

GP and Veterinaries CLEANING

It is crucial to the reputation of Doctors Surgeries, clinics, that the cleaning on the premises is immaculate and to the highest hygiene standards attainable.  Green Heart Clean has a duty to all clients to ensure that we provide a thorough, carefully supervised and trained staff. This, in turn, ensures tat we lay the basis for the required standards to be maintained.

We take our time to understand the cleaning requirements set by the likes NHS (via the national specification for cleanliness) and Care Quality Commission (CQC). We can ensure that all cleaning of premises and equipment are delivered as set out by these standards.

 What to expect and the benefits to you

  • Thorough and attention to detail: Doctors Surgery, vets, and medical centres all have waiting areas, where doors open and close all day long, letting dust into settle. The high traffic flow gives room to a high level of dust and many kinds of stains being brought into the waiting areas and into the consultation rooms. It is our duty as your professional cleaning provider to identify the nook and crannies of the building, to understand the dirt zones in order to keep the client area and staff areas cleaned regularly
  • Hygiene standard: We are conscious that Medical centres are governed by regulatory bodies, Hygiene and cleanliness is a major part of a professionally maintained medical practice. We ensure that each area is cleaned with the appropriate cleaning solutions with a colour coded cleaning cloth to prevent cross contamination by germs. 
  • Environmentally friendly products: All our cleaning product are environmentally friendly and are biodegradable. They are manufactured from plant-based ingredients that are designed to deliver professional cleaning performance while it is also safe for people and kind to the environment. Data sheet of all our cleaning products are available to all customer.
  • Reporting and Cleaning schedule: we don’t use generic cleaning checklist for your premises, all building and content are unique so we design a cleaning schedule that fits your exact needs. Another benefit of our bespoke cleaning schedule is that it ensures that every area receives an adequate cleaning as frequent as required.
  • Health and safety: We care about the health and safety of all our cleaning staff and the customer. We ensure that appropriate signage and labeling. We also carry out a risk assessment for each building and train the designated staffs to observe all safety rule that are necessary.

Other Commercial services we provide

Aside from the regular contract cleaning, we also offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services to keep your building at its best condition:
  • Carpet Cleaning service
  • Kitchen deep cleaning service
  • Washroom cleaning services
  • Floor deep cleaning and polishing services
  • Window cleaning service
  • Outdoor cleaning service


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Give us a call today and we will provide a free assessment to identify all your cleaning requirements. Once you are happy with the plan of action, our team can then get started on the cleaning. Call us to find out more.