Nursery Educational College and school cleaning service


Educational institutions are used and visited by mixed number of adults and children. It is vital to ensure that all areas used by pupils, teachers, parents, and visitors are kept in a clean, safe and hygienic condition. It is the duty of Green Heart Clean to ensure that the best cleaning and Hygiene solutions are employed for your educational premises.

Our cleaning service to suit your needs 

REGULAR CONTRACT CLEANING: we can provide frequent cleaning services ranging from daily to as often as you need. We will provide trained and capable cleaning staff and all necessary cleaning products and equipment.
DEEP CLEANING: often deep cleaning is usually required to give the entire building a full clean and refresh. Deep cleaning covers areas that are not reachable on daily cleans, areas such as behind furniture, high level (roof line), kitchen area etc. 
CARPET & FLOOR CLEANING: Carpet and floor cleaning can be time-consuming as the furniture are moved aside in order to reach all corners.  Carpets are advised to be cleaned annually to prevent an excess level of dust disturbed in the classrooms and other parts of the building.
COVER CLEANING STAFF: many educational organisations prefer to employ their own cleaning staff however, it is possible that such school, nursery, college or even university will need cover staff to stand in during holidays and sick leaves. Green Heart Clean will provide additional cleaning staff that are trained and fully insured to clean on your premises. 

Commercial cleaning for Nurseries and schools

Cleaning service for your Nurseries: Nurseries and pre-schools will benefit from regular deep cleaning because it is normal to find all sorts behind and under furniture. The little ones also like to touch walls and doors with their hands, which are probably full of paints of play clay. We have come to realise the areas that need more attention and we are able to create a cleaning plan to fit your exact needs.
Cleaning service for your Schools: Preventing the spread of germs and optimising hygiene is a major aim for schools, Green Heart Clean can provide cleaning staff (either on long term or short term basis) who are adequately trained to deliver a thorough and methodical cleaning in order to prevent the spread of germs or any cross-contamination. 

What to expect from us

  • Thorough and attention to detail: lack of attention to detail leaves room for areas to be missed out during cleaning and these areas will eventually build up dirt and possibly germ that may cause easy transfer of infections.  Green Heart Clean completely understand how important the importance of a clean educational facility, we also understand how it helps in creating a happier and productive learning and teaching environment for both teachers, management and students/pupil. This is why our cleaning policy it to clean every surface within our cleaning specification. We also ensure that the cleaning specification for each site is not generic but bespoke and adequate each property.
  • Hygiene & Colour coding: in any given environment, germs are easily transferred from through people via surfaces such as door handles, desks, toilets seat etc. If surfaces are not cleaned properly, then germs can only spread faster especially through the cleaning cloths. This is why we ensure the use of colour coded cleaning cloths for different areas of the building such as classroom areas, canteen areas and toilets. As a result of this preventive method, we are able to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination in your workplace. 
  • Environmentally friendly products: we source environmentally friendly cleaning products are kind to the environment even though they are very good at removing germs, stains, and dirt. Our commercial cleaning products have disinfectant qualities yet they are still environmentally friendly and will not give off toxic fume during or after cleaning.
  • Cleaning schedule: we don’t use generic cleaning checklist for your premises, we realised that all building and content are unique so we design a cleaning schedule that fits your exact need. another benefit of this cleaning schedule is to ensure that every area receives an adequate cleaning as frequent as needed.

Other Commercial services we provide

Aside from the regular contract cleaning, we also offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services to keep your building at its best condition:
  • Carpet Cleaning service
  • Kitchen deep cleaning service
  • Washroom cleaning services
  • Floor deep cleaning and polishing services
  • Window cleaning service
  • Outdoor cleaning service


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