Contract cleaning
Working with our dedicated cleaners, we can provide regular cleaning to your premises to always ensure it is left to a high standard of cleaning
The Cleaning Cabinet
Our new retail brand, provide Eco-friendly reuse and refill products for cleaning and hygiene supplies for homes and offices.
Our new retail brand, provide Eco-friendly reuse and refill products for cleaning and hygiene supplies for homes and offices.
Retail & leisure
First impressions are crucial to building relationships with customers. Green Heart Clean can provide a dedicated cleaner to ensure your business leaves a lasting impression on new customers
Medical cleaning
Specially trained staff for your premises to provide cleaning at the highest hygiene standards attainable. Dedicated team leaders to ensure your cleaning requirements are being met.
Educational cleaning
Ensuring every area is cleaned to the highest level using Eco-friendly products to ensure no harmful chemicals are used around children,
Floor Cleaning
Over long periods of time, trapped dirt, mites and grime can become engrained in the small pores and gaps between each piece of flooring. As a result, it is important to regularly clean floors to ensure your home or workplace remains fresh and free from bacteria.
It is important for your premises to not lose its appeal just because your in-house cleaner has gone on holiday, the knock-on effects to a business can be huge. This is why Green Heart Clean offer cover cleaning for all industries.
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The Cleaning Cabinet

small sustainable business with a Vision to provide an Eco-friendly hub for sustainable cleaning & personal care essentials. We try our best to match sustainability with affordability as we partner with other small businesses to bring you the best of the best. To achieve this vision, we are COMMITTED:

  • To source TOP-NOTCH, Sustainable, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cleaning Solutions, Beauty/Personal Care Products and Toiletries.
  • To remain FAITHFUL to our eco-friendly ethos in all our actions with a GREEN HEART.


Welcome to Servisory is the FREE recruitment platform used by cleaning & hospitality companies to find their ideal workforce. Gain the edge over your competitor with a pool of trustworthy staff at your fingertips.

For a long time, the cleaning industry has been plagued with a poor level of staffing and as a result, recruiting for skilled staff has been a hit and miss. Servisory will soon launch as a free recruitment platform for the cleaning and hospitality industry.

Our dedicated platform will allow businesses to own a profile page and connect with their ideal staff and new clients. As the platform grows, a vast array of possibilities will emerge and you will be able to connect with your own staff harmoniously.

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The platform dedicated to transforming the cleaning profession.

Employee engagement & resource group for cleaning professional.

We are creating a platform for cleaning professionals to share experiences, challenges and encourage one another.

The aim is to redefine the cleaning profession & showcase professionalism. To make visible, the invisible cleaning workforce



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