All purpose disinfection service

What is All Purpose Disinfection and How will it help your business?

In the light of Covid 19, and all the existing restrictions such as social distancing and other safety precautions, our all purpose disinfection services will help businesses and organisations give assurance to their staff, visitors and customers that they are entering a clean and safe environment. Traditional cleaning regime may not be perfect due to human error or oversight. 

This is where our all purpose disinfection service serves as an extra measure of prevention on top of your existing cleaning process to avert health risks that ordinary eyes cannot see. Our disinfection technologies provide us with the appropriate method to combat bacteria and viruses in the air and hard to reach areas of your premises. 

Our specialist disinfection are carried out by trained technicians who have experience in working on a variety of premises ranging from commercial premises, offices, educational establishments such as schools and healthcare facilities such as care homes. We will be using the right RPE and PPE to deliver the cleaning service.

We also offer professional cleaning services alongside our trusted disinfection service on a regular or one-off basis.

All-purpose regular disinfection for business | Green Heart Clean

Pre - Site survey

Before providing a disinfection service to your site, we will conduct a site survey to determine the necessary site-specific risk assessment, pre-authorised work needed and the right method of disinfection appropriate for your premises. We will also give our honest recommendation for a deep clean if it is necessary before a site disinfection can be conducted. A method statement of how the cleaning and disinfection of your facility will be delivered in accordance with Public Health England and the NHS. Further information on the guidelines we follow can also be see on the HSE website

Signing up - How can you sign up to a service

Although we recommend that you sign up to our subscription disinfection service because it is much more cost effective in the long run. If you prefer a one-off disinfection service, the process is the same initially. Once you give us a call and we will arrange a site survey, while observing social distance guidelines and then provide you with a quote. After understanding your requirements and having agreed to a plan of action, our team will commence the service straight away as fast as possible – get in touch with us contact us.

Benefit to your business

  • Cost effective
  • Documentation of disinfection procedure for your record
  • Ongoing assessment of your premises with any recommendations for improvement will be noted during each site visit
  • Provide reassurance to your staff, customers and visitors with a site badge to prove site is regularly disinfected
  • Stay ahead of the Virus and increase your chances of keeping your premises open to do business

Disinfection Subscription Plans - Prices and Breakdown

Save up to 60% on our disinfection service with our subscription service. check out more information on our subscription page

Terms and Conditions for Disinfection subscription: This is a Disinfection service only, if you require additional cleaning please speak with our team or check out our cleaning subscription below. All booking will allow for our Disinfection expert to be on your site for up to 1.5 hour per visit. Payment are to be made upfront, direct debit agreement may be required.

Frequently asked questions about our disinfection Service

Please the price list below

Our disinfection method utilise nontoxic, plant safe disinfecting solutions that are manufactured to be used safely in food production or food preparation areas. They adhere to the food safety standards such as BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697 standards. They are designed to effectively disinfect food processing areas without chemically contaminating the food preparation surfaces. You can even buy the solution for commercial use if you want from our online shop. 

For more information about safe for food cleaning go to FSA website

We can work with your cleaners to ensure that we are complementing their hard work by planning our disinfection service to take place right after they have completed a deep clean of your premises. 

No method is proven to last forever but or that it will last for a certain period of time. It is also a myth that any form of disinfection can be effective without a prior deep clean. Disinfection is about protecting and maintaining your cleaning standard, this is why we advocate an ongoing subscription.

Corporate educational and commercial environments such as Schools | Nurseries | Colleges | Factories | Restaurants | Cafes | GP practices | Dental Practices | Hospitals | VETs | Care Homes | Community centres | Churches | Gyms | Hotels | Retail Outlets | Theatres | Salons | Offices | Many more

Our disinfection service is an ad on safety measure on top of your existing cleaning process to safeguard your staff, customers and visitor from left over pathogen that may have been missed from the cleaning process.