ATP Monitoring System

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ATP hygiene monitoring system is a proven infection prevention solution for auditing cleanliness on any cleanable surface.

Our ATP monitor system is a cutting edge technology laboratory-style cleaning verification device that enables us to know in as little as 10 minutes if a surface has been cleaned correctly. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, is the universal unit of energy in all living cells. When ATP is detected on a surface it immediately determines if surfaces are clean.

A positive influence of the Covid-19 pandemic is the increase in the awareness of cleanliness in non-residential premises. Our Monitoring system does not not just verify cleanliness but we are also able to evaluate the effectiveness of sanitisers and disinfectants as well as evaluate the performance of your housekeeping staff, ensuring compliance with your cleaning protocol. ATP monitoring is ideal for medical facilities (such as clinics, Gp surgeries etc), schools, hotels, offices, restaurants, laboratories and many more facilities where optimum hygiene must be maintained.

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What's involved in the cleaning process?

  • Our ATP monitoring service will provide you with a report of all the surfaces monitored, with all relevant references to help you determine if your cleaning efforts are effective. The result of the testing will inform any areas of improvement that are necessary for your team.
  • With our monitoring service, you can verify that high touch areas of the building are being cleaned properly.
  • Verify that your hand washing and hygiene protocols are working properly
  • While other methods exist for evaluating cleanliness, ATP monitoring is the only method that combines quantitative data collection with scientific measurements while still maintaining speediness.
  • Virus detection: ATP monitoring does not detect viruses directly. However, COVID-19 infected material that contains biological residues will be detected by an ATP system.
  • Although ATP monitoring does not guarantee the removal of viruses, it is still one of the best procedures to have alongside your cleaning system to verify the true effect of your cleaning regime. ATP monitoring is widely recognised by many hospitals, laboratories to verify their cleaning effectiveness so we are definite that you will also find it beneficial too.
  1. Restaurants- If you are worried about the hygiene or cleanliness of your restaurant either in the kitchen or on the customer sitting area, an ATP cleaning and hygiene verification is the best place to start.
  2. Retail and leisure centre – the higher your footfall, the more chances of the spread of infectious pathogens between your staff and customers or service in your outlet. This can be controlled by employing our ATP monitoring service to keep your site hygiene under control.
  3. Medical centres – whether you run a dental care, veterinary, gp surgery or to be sure that you are doing all that is feasibly possible to keep infection under control, we believe that you need to have an effective hygiene and monitoring service in place.
  4. School – a school environment is notorious for being a breeding ground for transfer of various bacteria and viruses. In a world after the outbreak of Covid-19, we can help schools and nurseries to monitor the cleanliness of your cleaning regimes and to determine that your chosen cleaning solutions are as effective as you think they are.
  5. Large offices – When you have a lot of staff working in the same office, you want to ensure that your cleaning contractors are doing their best to deliver the highest hygienic clean. If you want to verify this, we can help you test high touch areas in the lift, kitchen, toilets, doors, keyboards and phones and many other relevant surfaces.