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A Different Way to Contact Green Heart clean

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We recently noticed how much more our customers who use our home cleaning services: carpet, oven and house. Customers are finding it much easier to send us a message through our social media platforms. We’ve found that most customers have busy schedules and sometimes don’t have a lot of spare time to research and call different cleaning companies trying to find the right one for them. By allowing our messages to be public, it opens the door for customers to drop us a quick message about our services and our availability whilst they’re on their lunch break, doing some shopping or even out for dinner.

Just recently a customer came to us through our Instagram page asking about our carpet cleaning services and if he could book us to clean his living room and hallway carpet. After talking with him we found out he worked for one of our clients here in Loughborough, Anytime fitness. He saw the great cleaning we are providing at the gym and contacted us directly to help him out. This is just one example of our direct messages.

From the first message we always try our best to reply as quick as we can and always answer any questions about the service itself, whether it’s the products we use or simply how we provide the service.  We are always happy to discuss the best date and time for you, working around your busy schedule. For example, one message from a lady who had her rug cleaned worked standard office hours and was busy at the weekends, after talking with her and figuring out her schedule we came up with a day that fit perfectly with her. This allowed us to go in and professionally clean her rug in a time frame that suited her.

Through messaging we also find the process from the first query to the booking much quicker as customers can fully describe, what needs cleaning as well as sending pictures if necessary. This allows us to give a much more accurate quote to the customer without having to go out to the property to evaluate. This cuts down the process by more than half the time, as we can provide a quote based on the pictures shown.

If you have a busy schedule or simply rather contact through messaging, why not drop us a message through one of our social media platforms, one of our friendly team members will reply as quickly as possible answering any questions or to book your appointment.

You can find us on social media with our handle: @greenheartclean


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