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Home Cleaning Checklist

Home cleaning

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As we all know, many of us are having to stay at home more resulting in using space within the home a lot more. As a result of this, it is essential to keep up with your home cleaning more frequently. We have put together a home cleaning checklist for you to work through to perform effective home cleaning.

Home cleaning can become overwhelmed and a large chore, therefore our home cleaning checklist is designed to help clean the spaces within your home at bite-size, this checklist also provides you with our recommended eco-friendly cleaning solutions needed for that area. Cleaning is a skill that requires appreciation towards your personal hygiene and household health; We can easily become too complacent with dirt in and around our home, yet this dirt invites germs and bacteria that harm our health.

Important Principles Before Starting

  1. Dust first, vacuum last – Dusting needs to be done at the beginning of your home cleaning so that any cobwebs or debris can be hoovered off when brushed off the surface and onto the ground.
  2. Not all cleaning solutions clean and disinfect – an understanding of the difference between a cleaning detergent such as fairy liquid or a disinfectant such as bleach will help you a lot throughout your cleaning. Detergents clean but does not kill bacteria, while disinfectants only kill bacteria but do not clean. Disinfectants are effective only after the cleaning has been conducted; this means that you will need to clean first then disinfect after, in order to kill germs and harmful bacteria. Alternatively, you can buy a combination of both cleaning and disinfecting solutions commonly labelled as all-purpose sanitisers. All-purpose sanitisers will clean and disinfect at the same tie if it is used correctly. You can find out about more on our blog ‘What is the Differences between a disinfectant and antibacterial cleaner‘.
  3. Spray, Leave, Wipe – Always read the instructions and recommended use on your cleaning solutions before beginning your home cleaning. The general idea when cleaning a surface is that you spray/apply the solutions, leave the solution to work on the surface and wipe off with a clean cloth after the recommended time.

Now… the cleaning checklist.

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

Home Cleaning in the living room is extremely important. The living room tends to be the most used area by household members and guests so bacteria and viruses can be easily spread within this area. As a result, we have put together a home cleaning checklist you can use to ensure a thorough living room clean.

Living room cleaning products:

Cleaning TaskDone?Date
Media Set: Ensure dust is removed, cleaned and polished with no water
Pull out sofa and chairs to clean and vacuum under/beneath
Dust and clean filing shelves, tables and other surfaces.
Clean interior window, seal and remove dust on skirting boards

Entrance, Stairs and Hallway

The entrance, stairs and hallway are where bacteria from outdoors can be stopped from coming indoors. This can be stopped by completing the checklist below and we would greatly consider a disinfection station by the door of the extract, this can simply be some hand sanitiser by the door for guests and your household to use before the transfer bacteria from their hands to the rest of the house.

Entrance, stairs and hallway cleaning products:

Cleaning TaskDone?Date
Clean the main entrance door, frame and handles.
Clean exterior of room doors and handles. Don’t enter the room.
Remove wall-stains on the entrances and sideboards.
Remove dust, clean & polish furniture and mirrors.

Shower and Bath Tub

The shower and bathtub are where we go for our personal hygiene. As a result of that, our showers, taps and bathtubs can be extremely messy and crawl with bacteria. We highly recommend going through this cleaning checklist to keep your hygiene standards high. Want to find out more about bathroom cleaning?

Shower and bath cleaning products:

Cleaning TaskDone?Date
Spray mould/limescale remover if needed, allow 30 minutes to work.
Spray and scrub off body fat and soap scum from all surfaces and wash down.
Pour drainage unblock down the drains.
Clean skirting boards, check for splash stains on doors and remove.


We all know how much bacteria can be collected within a toilet. In addition, this bacteria is also transferable from the likes of a toilet seat, the lever for flushing, door handles and many more areas. Furthermore, this facility is extremely important to be disinfected and clean regularly otherwise bacteria and viruses can spread extremely easily through the household. Splashes can be difficult to find and clean, but we have put together some more information on how you can effectively clean up splashes.

Toilet cleaning products:

Cleaning TaskDone?Date
Clean toilet sinks and tap, include the back, Remove dirt from tap necks.
Clean WC including back and base. Use a brush to clean hinges.
Clean all doors, handles and other fittings. Clean and polish the window.
Check for adequate toiletries.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

A messy place the kitchen can be. From raw meat to spilt drinks the kitchen can collect a large number of bacteria in very little time. It is essential to wipe down the kitchen tops and clean any spills that may happen within the kitchen as soon as possible to reduce the chances of cross-contamination. Want to find out more about kitchen cleaning?

Kitchen cleaning products:

Cleaning TaskDone?Date
Clean fridge and cabinets externally and remove all food stains.
Clean and polish extractor hood and hob. Pull-out and clean microwave.
Clean sink and surrounding, remove food/splash stains from walls.
Empty bins, disinfect and clean the bin including the lid.

All Areas Cleaning Checklist

Every room needs a different approach considering the use of the room, however, there are many things was we should still be doing in every room. These things are again listed within the checklist below.

Cleaning products for all areas:

Cleaning TaskDone?Date
Check all radiators and remove dust from the back. Clean radiator.
Remove top-level dust and vacuum all areas, mop all hard floor areas.
Check all wall fittings for dust, clean and remove cobwebs.
Empty bins, disinfect and clean the bin including the lid.

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