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Checklist for Kitchen Cleaning

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The kitchen is one of our most cherished rooms in our home and that is why we will share our short checklist for kitchen cleaning with you. Kitchens need to be cleaned thoroughly, and properly to avoid dirt and mess when cooking or preparing food. That can be from having clean worktops to clean pans, chopping boards and oven cleaning.

To clean a chopping board and make it like new again! Simply sprinkle some lemon onto your chopping board and rub the salt into the board with a freshly cut lemon. While the salt will get rid of any dirt on the chopping board the lemon will get rid of any smells.

Granite worktops are the pride and joys of any kitchen, keeping them clean and tidy can make any kitchen look clean! To keep your worktop clean and shiny just grab a cloth and some warm soapy water to wipe down the sides, making sure to dry the side afterwards with a hand towel.

To help keep up with the kitchen…
Bio-D Washing up Liquid


Iron and Velvet Oven Cleaner


Coconut Fibre Dish Brush


Iron and Velvet Floor Cleaner


Pots and pans are one of the harder things to clean on our checklist for kitchen cleaning so they sometimes need a little tough love, if you have burnt food stuck at the bottom of the pan grab some cut up lemons and place them into the pan. Pour water into the mix and set the pan to boil on the stove, the lemons mixed with water will allow the burnt food so become loose and easily can be cleaned.

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