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Choosing The Right Cleaning Company for You

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When choosing a cleaning company it is important to pick the right one, there are so many companies in the UK that offer the same services, so how do you know which one meets your business requirements? Here at GreenHeart Clean, we have come up with some tips on making sure you select the right cleaning company.

When finding a cleaning company it’s important to make sure they are using the correct equipment for each job and using it right, doing some research about what equipment are needed will help you and the business in the long term. You will then have a better understanding of what to expect when choosing the right company. From using a high-performance vacuum to using the correct clothes for each job, here are a few things to consider:

The correct equipment and skill: Professional cleaners should use professional equipment that is fit for the job. No one wants to hire a new cleaning company for them to turn up with basic domestic cleaning equipment. Doing some research beforehand is useful, especially if you’re hiring a company for a very specific cleaning job. This will allow you to know what type of equipment should be expected to be used. Occasionally, a professional team can make good use of limited equipment and still deliver a high level of cleaning. This is why you don’t just want to check for right equipment only but you check if they have done similar jobs before or if you wish to give the company a chance to prove themselves, watch out for the result of their initial set of work. If you are pleased with their initial quality of cleaning, then you have probably done the right thing to give the company a chance. By checking that the correct equipment are used for the task, you can also expect that the cleaning team will probably deliver a high-value cleaning service.

The right clothes: When cleaning the cleaner should be using the correct cloths for each area they clean e.g. kitchen, toilet, and general areas. Not every company may use the same colour cloths for each area. However, they should be using different cloths. By using difference clothes it helps to prevent cross-contamination across different germs, as you don’t want your cleaner to be using the same cloth for the toilet and to clean tables.

Products: It is important that the cleaning company uses the right cleaning product for every area. It’s important to know what type of products they use and if it’s the best fit for your company. For example, the use of bleach might be prohibited in some environment such as laboratories, or you might insist that the cleaning company uses an environmentally friendly cleaning product, which suits your company ethos. Doing some research on the chosen company or even ask them what products they use for each job.


You want to be able to trust the cleaning company you hire as well as the workers they hire. Making sure that everyone is safe in both companies is very important. Make sure everyone is clear on all terms and condition. This can lead to a long happy relationship with the company. Here some more:

Communication: It is important to have good communication in case of any problems or faults. Always make sure to have some form of contacts with them such as a phone number or email address. By having good communication with the company and cleaner it allows both parties to work well together.

Security: Making sure you can trust the company you hire is very important, especially if they are being left alone and/or locking up your premises. By having a clear security policy that the cleaner is fully aware of and has signed, to agree to these terms and conditions. The cleaning company itself will have a policy for its entire staff on security measures. Ask to read the policy to make sure it agrees with your own policy.

Safety: It is important that every member of staff is safe. For bigger construction cleaning jobs, staff should be CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) trained. As well as have an IATP (Asbestos Awareness and Health and Safety Certification). For smaller jobs such as office cleaning, staff should be fully trained and able to carry out their work whilst being safe and professional. All staff will have had their own training from their company, about the health and safety procedure they must follow. As well as any health and safety policy your company will have.

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