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Cleaning Bathroom Grout and Tiles With Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda

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Grout is inevitable, as it’s used in almost all homes and offices. Grout is porous, just like our body’s skin and it can absorb dirt that comes into contact with it. Grouts are effective adhesives used to hold bathroom and kitchen tiles in place. This wide use of grout in our buildings means that anyone cleaning these buildings should be proactive in cleaning grouts properly. Although it is easy to give the bathroom a quick wash down with multi-purpose cleaning spray and a rinse, this won’t be the case if the tile and grout aren’t cleaned regularly. Here are tips to cleaning the bathroom grout using an environmentally friendly method – NO BLEACHING.

We have decided to put this method to test just before writing this post, so we know this method works.

Cleaning Materials

    1. 6 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate.
    2. 50:50 spray of vinegar and water.
    3. Old toothbrush.
    4. Basic bathroom cleaning sponge.

Total cost: less than 70 pence.

spray the water/vinegar onto the grout and over tiles too. Vinegar helps to chemically break down dirt so that it is easy to scrub off.

Bathroom Grout with mould developing
Pink mould developing in bathroom grout. This will later develop into fully grown mould.

spray the water/vinegar onto the grout and over tiles too. Vinegar helps to chemically break down dirt so that it is easy to scrub off.


Prepare a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water in 50:50 mixture paste. Starting from one end, use an old brush to apply the paste onto the grout and leave for about 15 minutes.


Spray more water/vinegar solution, and scrub the dirt off the grout. While you do this, you might as well scrub the tiles in the process so that you end up with a clean shiny bathroom.


Rinse down the dirt with shower spray. Please try to conserve water throughout the whole process.


Repeat the process for more stubborn areas that require further attention to detail.

Why is sodium bicarbonate environmentally friendly?

To help tackle your tiles…
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Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush

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