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Get Your Children Involved in The House Chores

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Have you ever thought about getting your children involved in the general cleaning of your home and you might think to yourself, “is it worth it?”. It takes a lot of effort to convince them of what to do, and how to do it. Eventually, you will probably have to do it again. We have an idea that you can explore – teach them with the big screens.

It is worth noting that since most children have more large-screen IQ’s now than ever, they use most of it in playing games. However pointless or moderate the games are, tablets and smartphones can be used to teach and train young children so they get to have fun with the big screen and parents can expect tidiness in return.

We will recommend sticking to approved apps on your smartphone and tablet devices as viruses can be quick to come by if the website is not certified as safe.

Caption: cleaning games on google Play (app store)
Caption: cleaning games on Google Play (app store).

With numerous smartphones using the android platform, you have plenty of cleaning games to choose from for either yourself or your young ones. If you want to be nice you can even play it with them, it gives you an opportunity to play and train them at the same time – You get love, they learn more!

Caption of the apple app store - a cleaning game
The caption of the apple app store – a cleaning game

Cleaning can be made fun and is also good at keeping you fit (if you do regular moderate levels of cleaning). We understand that it can be daunting and off-putting to anyone who is not used to cleaning.

So, let us know how your cleaning game adventure goes, we hope it helps.

To help get the little ones started, these eco products are child friendly.
Bio-D All Purpose Sanitiser Spray

Contains orange oil for its degreasing properties and uses lactic acid to neutralize 99.9% of harmful bacteria.


Loofco Coconut Fibre Dish Brush

Plastic-free dish brush with handle. Made from coir fibre twisted around recyclable and rustproof metalcore.


Cotton Kitchen Towels (6 Unpaper Towels)

These reusable & washable alternative to kitchen rolls are a definite must-have for a zero-waste kitchen.


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