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Cleaning Tips For Your Household chores

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Here are some expert cleaning tips for household chores. From cleaning the oven to detecting those hidden cobwebs, Green Heart Clean has got it covered.

Cleaning a house is not a quick job for most. Some people are used to cleaning as they go, so monumental cleans are never needed. However, for many of us, our busy lifestyles make regular cleaning impossible.

So, if you find your household chores daunting and are short on time, please watch our video for the inside scoop, as we identify our cleaning tips for houseshold chores that may require a more thorough clean.

These areas are identified in the video as:

  • Kitchen: oven, cabinets and floors.
  • Rooms: window seals, cobweb hideouts, radiators.
  • Carpets.
  • Bathrooms: the storage shelf, toilet seat, extractors and taps.

Always start from the top and clean in a downward manner, you will become better coordinated by doing this and practice makes perfect! Having all the tools will make cleaning fun as you realise that your rate of cleaning is quickened.


Our cleaning tips for household chores include using the right tools; tools are not simply just using bleach and a sponge, these will make your cleaning experience complicated and toxic to the environment. Many other alternatives are available and are more effective. You will need items like a toothbrush to remove dirt in sharp corners and make sure you have separate brushes for cleaning the toilet and other areas. Another item that will help to simplify the cleaning process is a dish cleaning brush, this is longer compared to a toothbrush and will help you to reach the sides of the cooker where your hand won’t reach.


For our cleaning tips to be effective for household chores, the carpet must be disinfected. Carpets harbouring dirt are prone to a microorganism called dust mites. .Dust mites breed faster within the fibres of dirty carpets. The more dirt you pile on a carpet, the more of a chance you have of increasing the microorganism in it. These organisms can find their ways into the rooms, wardrobes etc. More importantly, they can significantly provoke allergic reactions when they mix with the air particles.

We hope you use our tips on simplifying cleaning and feel enlightened that you can spend more time enjoying your home with a few quick and easy cleaning hacks. Good luck!


Need some cleaning tools to help you get started… 


Bio D All Purpose Spray, cleaning tips for What is ATP Monitoring
Bio-Degradable All Purpose Sanitiser

This ready-to-use all-rounder contains orange oil for its degreasing properties and uses lactic acid to neutralize 99.9% of harmful bacteria

EcoCoconut Scourer for household cleanings
EcoCoconut Scourer (pack of two)

An economical, biodegradable and highly durable natural scourer for kitchens and bathrooms. Meet style with sustainability.

Washing-up-brush-with-handle-LoofCo for cleaning tips for household chores
Loofco Coconut Fibre Dish Brush

Plastic-free brush with handle. Made from coir fibre twisted around recyclable and rustproof metalcore. 100% Vegan, Non – scratch.

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