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Is Cleaning an Unskilled Labour or Skilled?

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Green Heart Clean has recruited many cleaners in the past and based on the current trend, we will continue to have an increasing great need for more cleaners. We have been exploring the various avenues by which we can advertise new roles and have decided that new jobs will go up on our website as well as other job search site such as indeed.co.uk.

The interesting thing we have since come about was cleaning jobs being described as unskilled labour jobs. As you can imagine, this took our attention to question why a cleaning job is term unskilled.

You might ask which jobs are skilled, which ones aren’t? An obvious answer will be for example; office jobs such as engineering or accounting are skilled while farming jobs or cleaning jobs are unskilled.

Is cleaning a skilled or unskilled job? image courtesy: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/skilled-labor-vs-unskilled-labor-46154.html

The measure for which job is skilled or unskilled is determinant on the academic qualification required to attain the job. When it comes to cleaning job, it is worth mentioning that there are multiple levels of progression to any profession. While the entry-level for cleaning job might be lower ( and needing no academic qualification), there are many non-academic skills that you need to have to earn yourself (or to keep yourself in) a cleaning job at a reputable cleaning company. Below are 10 non-academic requirements are listed below:

1. Observation: must be able to spot dirt/stain/dust on every surface being cleaned, this can be large or small

2. Listening: any successful cleaning company must listen to what the client needs and go a little further to ensure that the services delivered are an all-rounded (complete) package.

3. Understand what customer wants: any cleaner looking to succeed in the job must know how to decode the cleaning specification requested by the customer

4. Trust: the individual must be trustworthy to become a key holder of an entire building

5. Flexibility: the cleaner need to be prepared to handle extra cleaning, for example, the office to be cleaned just had a drink spillage accident or they just had a big meeting with a lot of food crumbs all over the floor. The job of the cleaner is still to return the office to a desired clean state.

6. Time consciousness: the cleaner needs to understand the need to start work on time, as well as the need to manage the cleaning time effectively so that all the specified jobs can be done on time and so that he /she can finish on time.

7. Tenacity: Every office or building is used by people and many times not everyone thinks of the cleaner when they are using cutleries, the toilet or the kitchen. At the end of the day, the cleaner looks after all these areas, it can be frustrating for the cleaner to have to pick cups from desks or load the washing machine or pick toilet tissue from the floor when all these could have been avoided by the users of the building. A tenacious cleaner learns to not be discouraged by these things and still gets her job done to the best of her/his ability

8. Physically fit: cleaning requires constants movement, you will find out that most cleaners are to bend down or kneel or stretch to reach some corners. This is the reason why cleaner put their body under lots of stress. This somewhat can be a way to exercise the body provided manual handling and exoskeletal movement training are taken seriously.

9. Technical understanding: cleaning machines such as carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner and much more must be understood by the cleaner, this means that as technological solution increases in the cleaning field, the technical know-how of an average cleaner will also increase.

10. Good customer relation/ communication: A cleaner need to be able to communicate their needs to their employer, they need to communicate the needs of the customer to the employer so that their employer can provide what the client needs. It is about problem-solving.

There are many more qualities of a cleaner but the 10 listed above can be the said for other labelled jobs. This means in every workplace; all workers have their place and importance. Some might require academic qualification while others require greater use of non-academic (but life) skills.

Green Heart Clean is a cleaning company, that has a great interest in the daily development of all our cleaners and we have come to value these skill, though they don’t require academic qualification, they are so rear and precious.

Perhaps the next time you see your cleaner or your plumber, try to give a bit more acknowledgement for the role they play in your work and living environment.

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