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Considering a Career in Cleaning?

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Considering a career in cleaning? Here are some things for you to consider

It is 2021, we are all feeling the need to work more and save more. In today’s society, the requirements for securing a job are higher than ever before, and a large number of people are considering taking up “low skilled jobs”, in fields such as cleaning, packing jobs factory jobs.

However, as a professional cleaner myself, I cannot say cleaning is a low skill task. I have recruited many cleaners in the past 8 years, and I can assure you that the difference is clear between a trained cleaner and a “make-do” cleaner.

So, who am I? I am Tunde Sobola. I work at Green Heart Clean, providing high-quality commercial cleaning services to offices, Surgeries, restaurants, gyms etc. I have been a professional cleaner since 2009. Aside from managing other cleaners, I have also cleaned various properties, and I think I will be allowed to say that I have the minimum skill expected of any professional cleaner.

Over the years, I have discovered that the majority of cleaners in the industry are either cleaning as a means of income while they study or in training or while they hunt for their preferred job, none of these reasons is wrong of course. However, on the other hand, we have the minority of cleaners who perhaps started cleaning at a young age and decided to carry on, there are also those few who have decided to go into cleaning (after considering other options).

I would like to shed some light on things to consider if you are part of the small percentage thinking of starting a career in cleaning. Here are a few questions that may help.

Skills required?

To be able to be a professional cleaner there are a few essential skills which you must have if you want to succeed and thrive in your job. Customer service skills are crucial in being able to converse with your client and a desire to help people. You must ensure you show attention to detail when completing a task and take pride in your work. No formal qualifications are required for this role, however, basic Maths and English are important.

Oja jobs have a strong approach at providing DBS and CSCS for cleaners. Background checks are becoming standardized practice within the industry.

DBS – Disclosure and Barring Service. This enables employers to check whether an applicant has a criminal record and helps employers make safe recruitment choices. This is crucial when hiring employees to work with vulnerable people, for example, schools, nurseries and hospitals.

CSCS – Construction Skills Certification scheme provides employers with proof that the individual has had adequate training and qualifications for the job. Not all employers need this but it is preferred.

Can you progress in a cleaning career?

Before I proceed, I wish to emphasise that low skill jobs also have hierarchies, an example is – A basic cleaner can get promoted based on their experience to supervise other cleaners with less experience. A supervisor with proven people skills can (with training) become a manager of cleaners and supervisors. A manager can later progress into a training role alongside general staff management.

So yes, you can progress, and that will depend on how you develop your cleaning specific skills and general work ethics. Like any other professional jobs, you must be driven in progressing your career path and show initiative.

This will mean that you pay all your attention to developing your cleaning skills, this means learning how dirt forms, knowing how to clean various environments, and being able to assess the hygiene level in any your working areas and knowing what is needed to bring it to a clean state. I can go on, but one thing you need to know is that you should not stop learning new ways to improve your cleaning.

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