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Introducing Cover Cleaning At Green Heart Clean

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How often is cover cleaning needed? A lot more often than a lot of people would imagine. Everybody requires cover throughout the year, so they can go on holiday to get that tan they long for all year round, or even that lovely burn, ouch! This even applies to cleaners. This is why we here at Green Heart Clean have decided that it would only be right to provide cover cleaning as one of our main services and have decided to create an entire section for cover cleaning to show our dedication to it. Truthfully, yes, we had already been offering cover cleaning but now with having a whole dedicated section, means we are more dedicated and actively seeking work in this market. A way to help us in letting everyone know our new service, I mean apart from this newsletter, is by soon having an entire dedicated page on our website for cover cleaning, with its own title under our services drop-down menu, to show our commitment to it.

Another reason we have decided to expand into the cover cleaning market is because of lately, we have worked with two clients. The one client has decided to continue using our cover cleaning services, while they have now decided to look for a new in-house cleaner after the 7 weeks of cover cleaning we completed for themselves. Not only did we provide cover cleaning to this client exceptionally, the client is actually a para-medical centre, so the fact that we have been able to maintain their cleaning level standards and provide this level of clean shows just how keen on the eye to every aspect of cleaning, we here at Green Heart Clean have.

The second client was for a pub, who we provided two weeks of cover cleaning for. They were that happy with our cleaning services, that we now have a contract with them where we clean for them weekly, 2 days a week. This is incredible to hear, that the client has been that happy with our services they have decided to employ us as a cleaning provider.

It really is incredible to get this level of feedback from both clients. This is why we have decided to roll out cover cleaning as a service to allow everyone access to a cover cleaning service which they are highly delighted with, meaning the in-house cleaners can go sunning it up abroad without the worrying thought of coming back to a dirty workplace environment.

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