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Desk Cleaning

Desk Cleaning

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Hot Desk Hot List

Desk Cleaning with the Hot Desk Hot List. With hot-desking still a fashionable and viable resource for so many businesses of all sizes, how can you ensure that everything you are using is safe?

Here at Greenheart Clean, we understand that you can’t have commercial cleaners on hand for every scenario; however, we can provide you with a checklist both for your office and for those individuals who are choosing to rent a space for hot-desking, to ensure you are as safe as you can be. 

Desk Cleaning For the office owner

Why is it essential to maintain a clean office space? As we mentioned above, commercial cleaners can always be there for every situation at the drop of a hat. So keeping up with your cleaning in between those periods is a must. 

Here is what we recommend you do after every hot desk visit.

  • Clean the desk with disinfectant, not antibacterial sprays. Antibacterials do not work on viruses. 
  • Keyboard – Keep disinfecting the keyboard after every new user and at the beginning and end of every day. Disinfectant wipes will work for these without the issue if potentially breaking the keyboard with a spray.
  • Phone – If there is a phone or headset there ensure that it is wiped before use
  • Mouse – Clean in the same manner as the keyboard and phone. 
  • Chairs – Chairs can be often forgotten when cleaning for hot desking. Although they may not be as easy to clean as a simple spray, you should at least clean the armrests and back. These are often the areas that are touched by hands and therefore, the most likely to spread bacteria and viruses.
  • Hands – Hand sanitiser on the desks will be a good reminder to anyone using the desks that they must clean their hands as often as possible. It can be very time consuming having to get up and wash your hands each occasion you cough or sneeze into them by habit. 
  • Reputation – You want to keep a reputation for keeping a clean and safe space. Those choosing to hire a hotdesk from you will return and if you have a hotdesk policy in your office building, your staff will feel safe, have less anxiety and will appreciate the effort you are making to keep them safe.

Desk Cleaning For the Hot Desk visitor

Whether the business you work for uses a hotdesk facility or you run a small business and hire a hotdesking space, keeping yourself and those around you safe is of paramount importance. 

Here are a few tips that can help you to keep the hygiene levels high.

  • Hands –  Carry a small hand sanitiser with you if you can and use it at the beginning and end of your shift. If you should cough or sneeze into your hands, use it again.
  • Sanitise your mouse and keyboard on arrival and when you leave your desk.
  • If you have to eat your lunch at your desk, do not leave crumbs, excess food or wrappers on the work area. You would not like to arrive at a grubby desk so clean up after yourself.
  • Phone – If you must use the office phone, make sure you clean it with disinfectant wipes before and after use. If you can, use your mobile phone.
  • Tuck any belongings under your desk and away from the feet of passers-by. If the space has a specific area for coats and bags, make use of it.
  • Be aware of those around you. Being overly noisy, or leaving papers and documents on your desk is a big no. Remember that others are likely to be using the space as well. 
  • Try to leave the desk in a better state than you found it.

Being safe has become more critical than ever and therefore, keeping your workspace clean and tidy, along with taking on the responsibility for your own safety and those around you is paramount. Hopefully, these tips will help remind you of the little things that can make all the difference. 

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