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Disinfecting Schools

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Knowing how disinfecting schools should be carried out is important because it is vital to preventing the spread of germs. This has become more apparent with the ongoing pandemic, which has highlighted just how important it is to disinfect regularly. Read on to find out how your school can disinfect properly to ensure the health and safety of teachers, students and visitors.

Cleaning and Disinfecting. What’s the Difference?

Before we discuss how disinfecting schools should be carried, we need to clarify the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning works by combining water with a detergent to remove germs and impurities. Although cleaning does not kill germs, by removing the germs it helps to reduce the risk of them spreading. Alternatively, disinfecting kills germs, but it does not necessarily clean, but ,just like cleaning, it helps to reduce the risk of germs spreading. It is important to do both and in the right order (cleaning first and then disinfecting).

Routine for Disinfecting Schools

Having a proper cleaning schedule is extremely important when cleaning and disinfecting schools. When developing a routine cleaning schedule you should make sure that you are regularly cleaning at least once a day. Moreover, the routine should be discussed with staff and teachers. This should be done to avoid their duties and cleaning clashing with each other which can cause some problems depending on the situation.

Equipment for Disinfecting Schools

The next thing to look at when cleaning and disinfecting schools is what products to use and how to use them. Before using any product, you should read the product label to find vital pieces of information including safety and use directions. Many products can be hazards and can result in health risks but not all products are like that. At Green Heart Clean we can provide you with healthy, safe and eco-friendly products which are much less risky compared to other products that are usually toxic and ,therefore, potentially dangerous.  One product we recommend is our all purpose sanitiser spray which, when combined with a simple cloth or a wipe can do wonders. It is a really must have when disinfecting a school.

How to dispose of cleaning products

Clean and Disinfect the Right Way

Now that you have a routine, we can finally focus on how the cleaning and disinfecting should be done. High traffic areas should be cleaned as often and as thoroughly as possible since that is where most of the germs hide. Each school will have different high traffic areas, but usually they are places such as desks, doorknobs, phones, etc. Some schools might have to disinfect everything a specific room, like the toilet room. In addition, when something is visibly dirty you should focus on cleaning it right away. After, cleaning you need to remember disinfect it.

How Students can Disinfect Their School Supplies

Another important aspect of cleaning and disinfecting schools is making sure that students know how to disinfect schools supplies that belong to them. Students travel from their homes to schools constantly. This means that if they do not know how to disinfect schools supplies properly, they might end up spreading germs in both the school and their home. Most school supplies can be disinfected using an anti-bacterial wipe such as the anti-bacterial bamboo wipes that are sold in our shop. When it comes to the school bag, some warm water and a laundry detergent should do the job.

If you are still having problems with disinfecting your school, then no need to worry. You can visit our School Cleaning service page to receive your free quote. Alternatively, you can give us a call at 01509 767 560. Let us work together to create a cleaner environment.

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Knowing how disinfecting schools should be carried out is important because it is vital to preventing the spread of germs. This has become more apparent