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Employee Engagement and Experience For Cleaning Professionals

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My last article highlighted our Employee Engagement Platform for cleaning professionals – CleanBow.

As the rainbow shines through the cloud, so does CleanBow bedazzle through our workforce”.

CleanBow has been born out of the need to brand our Employee Engagement Platform for cleaning professionals. There is no defined step by step template for employee engagement in Human Resources Management, however, we have adapted a few guidelines and processes to engage our cleaning professionals who work remotely on different client sites in different locations.

The first stage of our employee engagement process has been redefining our purpose, mission, vision and values and ensuring every employee is able to re-interpret these in varying roles. This first step has created a breath of fresh air in the management of our cleaning professionals as we now have set standards to work towards. The tagline “We are not just Cleaners, We are Cleaning Professionals” has been promoted amidst our cleaning operatives, professionals & administrative staff to reinforce the professional status expected of every employee. We have also endeavoured to reinforce our core values by celebrating success stories of employees who have upheld certain values.

No bedazzling work has gone unrecognised or uncelebrated. In fact, some of our recent success stories were of cleaners who had bedazzled clients during some cover cleans we did over the summer. Our employees’ care for the environment has also not gone unnoticed as we have recently just been awarded a silver accreditation by Investors in Environment (IIE). These are some of the positive outcomes of a well-engaged workforce.

Although we are still in the baby stages of CleanBow, we anticipate and are consciously building on our employee engagement and experience to be able to fulfil our vision of transforming the cleaning profession into a highly desirable and rewarding profession; making visible, the invisible workforce; building a career in cleaning.

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