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How to keep on top of your GP Surgery Cleaning.

How to clean and maintain your GP Surgery
How to reduce cross-contamination and infection within your GP? Read our guide on how to keep high hygiene while also staying Eco-Friendly.

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We are sure that there has been no end of advice and guidelines on prevention of the infection outbreak in you GP. We hope to help you identify how to keep on top of your GP Surgery Cleaning. As a professional cleaning company based in Loughborough, Peterborough, Grantham, and Leicester, we have learned a lot about providing adequate cleaning services to GP practices. So in the light of the corona virus outbreak, you are probably wondering; “how to establish or improve the one-off or regular/contract cleaning service for your practice?”.

How to choose a regular cleaning service for your general practice

GP surgery cleaning is needed across the country as they are looking at how they can open their practices to the general public. While also considering the safety of their staff and patients. Many will still consider continuing their home visits and telephone consultations; however, Welcoming patients physically offers the best method of access to the needed. perhaps you are a senior lead doctor, nurse reading or you are practice manager who is looking to set up a robust, fail-proof cleaning program as part the CQC and NHS England. We would like to point out a few benefits of having a cleaning company on board to help  deliver a service that meets the CQC standard.


Here are a few ways you can engage a commercial cleaning company to help clean and maintain your GP:

Contract Cleaning

You can outsource the entire daily cleaning of your GP to a reputable cleaning company in your area who have experience or knowledge on how to keep on top of your GP surgery cleaning. We recommend that you thoroughly look into the way the cleaning company operates; does their method of cleaning meet the CQC standard? If you are unsure of what to ask, here are a few questions: what do your cleaners look for when cleaning?”, “How do you train your staff?” or “How much do you pay your cleaners?”. These questions will give an insight into how the cleaning company operates, so you can gather if they will be a match for you or not.

 In house cleaning staff plus external cleaning company support

This can be considered as a hybrid service. A hybrid service is where you call in a cleaning company to deliver the aspects of the cleaning that your in house team cannot deliver. It could be a cleaning machine for the floor, carpet, hallway, window cleaning, or a one-off deep clean. Another way of working with a cleaning company in a hybrid relationship is you can replace or cover, if you have any issues with your current cleaners.

How to disinfect your GP Surgery and prevent infection
Choose the right cleaning products:

Cleaning is the process of removing surface dirt, which includes soiling, liquid splash, droplets or airborne substances such as dust. Cleaning does not kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi, this is where you need a disinfectant. If you have always thought a disinfectant is the same as a standard cleaning spray, pay attention to your choice of cleaning solution. You need to ensure that the following cleaning processes are an adequate disinfection application. This way you will be sure to have removed all soiling, splash, and airborne dust, as well as killing off any bacteria on the surfaces.

Try these Eco-Friendly products from our shop to keep your GP clean…
Envirosafe Virus & Bacteria Cleaner & Sanitiser 5L
Envirosafe Virus & Bacteria Cleaner & Sanitiser 

A multi-surface cleaner and sanitiser that will safely clean and protect by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours.

Disposable cleaning cloths/wipes
Disposable Cleaning Cloths/Wipes

Our non woven are a cost effective cleaning system designed to reduce waste for areas where infection control or cross contamination is key.

Cleaning schedule:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”,  if you fail to have a cleaning schedule, you are planning to have a failed cleaning regime. Green Heart Clean ensures this is done right at the early stages so that our staff. We correctly execute all the needs for the client from day one. It is necessary to ensure that either you or your cleaning company have a clear written description of what, when and how should it be cleaned. Records of previous cleaning should also be kept, should you have an inspection from the CQC.

Monitor the cleaning:

Most GP surgeries give the responsibility of checking the cleaning record. The one controlling this cleaning schedule has to make sure they are consistent in their approach. This is the role of ATP monitoring, this process verifies the effectiveness of your cleaning service. helping you to monitor the living micro-organisms on the surface from before and after cleaning. This process helps to verify whether your cleaning regime is working as it should. From surface tests carried out you can find answers to how effective your cleaning solutions are. ATP monitoring is more effective compared to your standard visual checks. This method offers you real-time biological information about the cleanliness of your surfaces. You can read more about the process here.

site cleaning audit and inspection service, ATP Monitoring

Avoid a negative rating from CQC for GP practice because of poor cleaning. The more you ensure these points highlighted throughout this blog, the more understand how to keep on top of your GP surgery cleaning. Remember to always choose your professional partners carefully, ensure they have the right cleaning products in place, and that they are keeping a good record of what is being cleaned along with valid cleaning records in place

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