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Professional Cleaning for your Gym, leisure centre to prevent infection

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How does dirt build-up in gyms and leisure centres? how can you tackle infection hotspot in your gym? Dirt builds up in several different ways; splash, dust and through touching. How does this translate in a typical gym or leisure centre? Here are a few scenarios together with the solution for you to improve the cleanliness of your gym.

  • Sweat – In a typical gym where members are exercising sweat generated while exercising. Sweat droplets is generated and make contact with the exercise machine as well as unto the floor/carpet. Sweat contains urea, water, lactate and minerals. This means the sweat perspiration is a dirt trap as it contains element of Urine and as a result, when it creates a wet and sticky surface which traps dirt quickly. An insufficient level of cleaning in your gym makes it easier to spread infection from between members when gym equipment are not cleaned and disinfected properly.
  • The solution to combat sweat: clean regularly throughout the day, ideally every 2 hours you can ask your gym staff to go around and wipe the machines down with an antibacterial cleaner or sanitiser. Make sure you choose a disinfecting surface cleaner which will kill germs and bacteria. an ordinary cleaning solution without the disinfectant quality will not kill germs likewise bleach kills germ but does not clean. So harken to this advice and get yourself a surface cleaning sanitiser. Use a clean cloth to apply the sanitiser onto the equipment while removing any stains transfer during use.


Another way that dirt will build up in the gym, will be from the outside. Users of the gym will be wearing shoes, that will bring in dirt and spread it across any of the equipment they have used and along the floors throughout the gym as they walk from different machinery. The main areas where dirt builds up in the gyms are in the shower room, cycle seats and benches. Working hard in the gym does pay off as lots of the body fat is converted into muscle, but the sweat that is generated in that process often is a great dirt trap, hence a major reason behind unhygienic gyms. Most people will often shower after a tough gym session, having established that the shower is a major trap of the dirt, residue from the use of shower gel, body fluid can easily build up and become a major dirt-trap. Luckily that can be removed by a professional cleaner as it will take time to thoroughly and deeply scrub it away with professional cleaning products and appropriate cleaning equipment.

Here’s a few cleaning products to keep your gym hygienic….  
Compostable Cleaning Sponges

These 100% natural set of cloths are made of natural renewable resources.


Bio-D All Purpose Spray

This ready to use all-rounder contains orange oil for its degreasing properties.


Loofco Coconut Fibre Dish Brush

Plastic-free dish brush with handle. Made from Coir fibre twisted around.


Gyms and leisure centres can become unhygienic without the care of a professional cleaning team because a professional team will know what types of dirt to look for in a gym, what type of cleaning equipment it will require to achieve its highest standard of cleaning, which might be difficult to achieve without a professional cleaning experience. Gyms will become unhygienic because the correct products are not being. You can also expect a professional cleaning team to have access to the correct cleaning products and equipment.

Without the use of correct products and equipment, stains from sweat and dust will build up in the corners of the gym and lower your hygiene standard. due to the build-up of sweat, dirt, body fat and dust from all the members of the gym.


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