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The Contents of Dirty Carpets in Your Home

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Regular carpet cleaning at home is very important, especially if you often receive guests or you don’t remove your shoes at the entrance of your home. Some people have pets and although they keep on top of any mess generated, it can be easy to miss an obvious stain that has gradually developed on the carpets when you are so used to seeing them daily. This is why it is easy for carpet cleaning specialists like us to spot a dirty carpet because we can easily compare its current state to what it should be if it’s been clean frequently.

Carpet cleaning: Before and after
The benefit of a frequently cleaned carpet

Carpets that have not been cleaned for (let’s say) 3 years will have piles of various dirt, and every time you walk on it you condense this pile. The picture below gives you an example of what came out of an averagely dirty carpet cleaning we did in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Dirt water from a dirt carpet that was recently cleaned.
Water from a dirty carpet

Please believe us when we say this is not the worst carpet we have cleaned. This is an average level of dirt from a residential home. If you have pets, you are more likely going to have a higher level of dirt playing around in your home carpets, or if you have no solid cleaning plan in place. However, shoes are the main causes of carpets dirt.

Once the dirt settles in, it becomes a perfect place for dust mites to thrive. Other germs from pets or particular activities carried out in the house contribute to the process too.

Houses that have carpets in the bathroom and toilets can harbour faecal elements where care is not taken.

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