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How to clean dust from home – How It Forms and Where It Hides Around the House

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Dust can be found in all corner of your house, in this blog we will go over how to clean dust from home. Dust levels from the ever-growing population are on the rise, especially when you consider the amount of industrial pollution generated from today’s factories, cars and many other modes of transportation.

You may have noticed around your home if you live in a city that you have black dust settling around your window frames and skirting boards/baseboard. This is because particles that are released into the air will eventually find their way to settle, and the settling place is usually in our homes or workplace.

From a hygiene point of view dust harbouring can cause several allergic issues.

We all know dust is not good for a hygiene environment, not all of us know how to clean dust from home but we just cannot do anything about it in the sense that it is everywhere. You may have noticed that the environment you live in determines the level of dust, and the kind of dust settling around your home. So for example:


In a large city like London, you will notice the high level of brake dust shed from buses braking frequently, while navigating the city’s slow traffic at rush hours. Also the numerous taxis and private cars on the city roads, and tiny air particles released from consumption of energy in the buildings surrounding. In today’s society, high levels of waste are generated on an hourly basis, then here comes the dust. If you happen to be in the position of a cleaner or if you have any chance to observe the level of dust around the office or home in the city of London, then you will realise you will have a lot of black dust. This is mainly due to the traffic as explained. So, you may ask why would anyone cares about black dust; the thing is, from a cleaning point of view any kind of dust is bad enough, however, black dust is black because of the metallic particles from braking vehicles, which are also oily in nature.  Metallic and oily dust means black and sticky dust which can be hard to remove.


The situation in a rural environment may not be as busy like a city but let’s say you live in a village-like Quorn or Barrow-upon-Soar near Loughborough in Leicestershire, cleaning your home (or even an office) you will realise that the dust is a lot different than in a city.  Dust is still dust, but black dust found in cities is harder to clean due to its oily and metallic characteristics. Whereas normal dust particles can often be removed with the crevice brush tool on a vacuum cleaner. The majority of dust in areas like Quorn or Barrow-upon-Soar will come from local farms and local construction dust.

To help tackle dust, we recommend…
Bio-D All-Purpose Spray

Uses lactic acid to neutralize 99.9% of harmful bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella, and MRSA.


Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths

These sponge cloths are highly effective for cleaning as they are absorbent, durable and reusable. Home compostable after use.


Iron and Velvet Glass and Mirror Cleaner

For a smear-free clean of windows and mirrors in the home, you need a quality product.



To understand how to clean dust from home you need to know that removing dust is part of cleaning, and when you clean a house or an office, you are doing more than just dusting.


Feather duster: you will need to buy a good feather duster that can extend to reach high levels. A good feather duster is also soft enough to brush off the dust on tables, it should also reach corners such as under the radiator, on the edge of the sofa, top of the curtain rain etc.
Crevice tool: Most vacuum cleaners have a crevice tool included, this can bring much-needed ease to your cleaning as it helps you to remove dust while sucking it through into the vacuum cleaner.


As seen above,  dust exists in all nooks and crannies of the house. This blog post is not able to cover every aspect of dust in the house, but there is one thing that complements every dusting you carry out in your home.

Essential Vacuuming: vacuuming is truly important because everything that falls to the ground will stay there unless you remove it. This is why carpeted homes can feel stuffy when they are not clean and vacuumed regularly. The dust begins to sink deeper into the carpet fibres and then starts to affect the quality of air in the room whenever the dust in the carpet are disturbed. Regular professional carpet cleaning should also be considered to keep on to of dust and dirt build-up.

A similar thing occurs in houses that have hard flooring fitted but the difference is that, if vacuuming is not done frequently, the dust sits in the corners of the room on the floor and is blown around every time the air in the room moves.  Realistically this means dust everywhere; on tables, on TV sets and on bookshelves etc.


Thorough this blog we have discussed how to clean dust from home. Dust cannot be tamed unless you live in a submarine where you are not exposed to atmospheric dust. But if you live on mainland (like most of us do!), dust should be controlled through regular dusting (best done by vacuuming as you don’t tend to spread the dust around). To complement your dusting a thorough vacuuming is important so that dust hiding on the floor will also be removed.

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