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How to Keep Offices and Desks Clean

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Having a clean office can help to improve productivity. This can help to improve your work and to allow you to a better day at work! Whether you are a professional cleaner to provide your office cleaning services or an employee who works in an office, we have provided a few easy tips and methods to keep office spaces clean and fresh.


Regularly keeping your personal desk area clean and tidy helps to keep things organised and allows you to work efficiently. Here are a few tips that all office workers can use to help maintain a clean, clear,  and well-ordered workspace.

Example of how to organise a desk


1. Have a trash can within reach – if you are always using pieces of paper or other materials, instead of letting them build up because the bin is too far away, have a smaller waste bin by your desk.

2. Keep Stationary close – pens, pencils etc.. can often just be thrown around when you don’t have a designated spot for them. Get a pen pot or desk organizer to store them neatly on your desk.

3. Get rid of unnecessary clutter – any paper, post-it notes or scraps of better that are building up should be thrown away. Get a notebook and record all notes, ideas, to – do’s etc.

4. Don’t let paper pile up – Have a desk tray to organise incoming documents. This will keep them stored away and not in a pile next to you. If you receive a lot of documents, get a 3 or 4 tiered paper tray.

5. Clean before you leave –  Give yourself a reminder to tidy your desk 5 minutes before you leave work on a Friday (get rid of any scrap paper or rubbish from the week). This will help your productivity on Monday morning when you come into work in a clean and tidy environment.

To help keep your workspace clean…
Bio-Degradable All-Purpose Sanitiser

This ready to use all-rounder contains orange oil for its degreasing properties and uses lactic acid to help neutralise 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Use it in all areas.


Compostable Cleaning Sponge

These 100% natural set of compostable sponge cleaning cloths are made of natural renewable resources. They do not emit micro – plastic pollution.



For professional cleaners, it is important to ensure that each office desk and surrounding areas are cleaned to a high standard, in order to provide the client with a fresh space for their employers to work in. The following step by step tips can help professional cleaners to have a step by step process of how to successfully clean an office space and can be a great checklist and also make the cleaners time more efficient. These tips have been created so they can be transferable to any office space you clean and can be a great tool to help maintain quality control when having to clean multiple desks.


1. Remove dust from the desk and computer, desks should be wiped using multipurpose sanitiser sprayed onto a damp blue microfibre cloth. Wiping all parts of the desk including legs and drawers to remove any dirt, food stains and dust. DO NOT OPEN ANY DRAWS.

2. Wipe and clean office draw, focusing on the front and sides to remove any marks and dust. Use a damp blue microfibre cloth sprayed with multipurpose spray in a circular motion until clean. DO NOT OPEN ANY DRAWS.

3. Move devices and objects such as paper trays, keyboards, loose paperwork and mouse to ensure all areas are cleaned. Making any bases of monitors are cleaned as well.

4. Appliances on the desk should be wiped down using a clean damp cloth with only water on the cloth. NO SPRAY SHOULD BE SPRAYED DIRECTLY ONTO ANY MONITOR, COMPUTER, KEYBOARD OR MOUSE. Ensure all fingerprints have been wiped away.

5. Chairs: Use the duster or the vacuum cleaner were possible to remove dust from the back, frame and leg of the chair. Wipe down any part of the chairs that can be cleaned i.e. plastic. Including the leg chairs and back of the chair, removing dust, dirt and any crumbs, using multipurpose sanitiser on a damp blue microfibre cloth.

6. Empty each desk bin and replace with a clean small white bin liner, dispose of all waste. IF there is only a small amount of waste such as paper and the bin is not stained, to cut waste to the environment empty the contents into the main general bin without changing the individual desk bin liner. Bin must be tied on the rim on the bin and tucked into it.


1. Remove all cobwebs that have built up from each corner of the rooms, paying attention to high and low areas and behind furniture, such as sofa chairs, cabinets, radiators and skirting boards.

  • Using a feather duster this will allow you to reach the higher up areas to grab onto the cobweb pulling and removing them away from the surfaces.

2. All appliances within the office such as printer, monitors, telephone, computers, shredder etc to remove dirt and dust. Also ensuring all fingerprints have been wiped away, this should be done with multipurpose sanitiser sprayed onto a damp blue microfibre cloth.

3. Wipe down all doors including the door handles, and frames removing any marks or fingerprints using multipurpose sanitiser sprayed onto a damp blue microfibre cloth.

4. Empty all larger bins such as general waste and communal waste bin and replace with a clean clear recycling bin, place the full bin bag in the outside waste bin.

  • Wipe down the bins if waste is present on the bin, such as food waste, using multipurpose sanitiser on a damp blue microfibre cloth. Also cleaning out the basin of the bin if necessary if dirt and grime are built up.
  • Any bin’s must be tied on the edge and tucked into it.
  • If there is only a small amount of waste such as paper and the bin liner is not stained, to cut waste to the environment, empty the contents into the main general bin without changing the individual desk bin liner.

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