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How to Keep Your Car Clean!

car cleaning

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The inside of your car can sometimes be a second home, from the long journeys to and from work to shopping trips and picking up and dropping off kids. It’s important to keep it clean as you can especially when young children are always inside.

1. Always have wipes – Always have some wipes tucked away in the glove box. These can become one of your handiest tools in your car. As any silage can be wiped up or if you have a dusty dashboard you can easily clean up.
2. If you bring something in, Take it out! – If you’re bringing anything with you such as shoes, bags, food etc .. for a long journey or even to take down the street always take it out when you return home! This will reduce the clutter in your car and instantly make it appear cleaner.
3. Take care of you cup holders – Cup holders can be easily taken for granted. From coins to chewing gum, cup holders can end up holding a lot of unnecessary products and thus making our car build-up with clutter. Make sure to empty cup holders every so often to get rid of unnecessary clutter.
4. Use Organisers – Most people just end up throwing everything in their boot to avoid cleaning it up. Get some boot organisers to keep all shopping, sports gear, spare clothes separate from each other and in their own areas.
5. Avoid eating in the car – When eating in your car it will always result in leaving little crumbs everywhere. Avoid eating those quick snacks or fast food in your car to reduce the amount of food you have living in your car.

Keep your car interior as clean as the day you brought it…
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