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How to keep your classroom hygiene levels high

classroom hygiene

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With the schools reopening and children going back to mingling with others, it has become more paramount than ever to ensure you keep your classroom hygiene levels high. Even before the global pandemic that has been causing chaos in the last year, hygiene was essential. But now, the needs and expectations of both staff and worries parents have significantly increased. 

Keeping on top of your cleaning procedures and creating a checklist of your sanitation routine will better enable you to keep your students safe and provide peace of mind to parents and staff that you are doing all you can to prevent an outbreak. 

Focus on high traffic areas

High traffic areas such as high-use stairways, cafeterias, and such can have students mingling who are not within each other’s classroom bubbles. Bannisters can be touched be several hundred hands a day (if not more in larger schools and universities). Plan out and observe which areas are high traffic and ensure that these are cleaned a few times a day. 

Classroom hygiene door cleaning

Ensure adequate classroom hygiene supplies are readily available

Hygiene supplies should be available in all classrooms and high use areas of your school or university. Students and staff should be using hand gel on each arrival into the classroom. This will help to reduce the potential for cross-contamination from travelling between rooms. Spare masks should also be made available should a student lose theirs or it becomes soiled.

Promoting cleanliness to students

Promoting changes in hygiene are very important. There have been so many sudden changes to our lifestyles that it can be a lot to take on board. Students returning to school may quickly forget their new cleanliness schedules. Gentle reminders, posters, and staff reassurance can help acclimatise them to a cleaner way of thinking. 

classroom hygiene Children Washing hands

Increase your cleaning schedule

As more students return to school, you may be required to increase your cleaning schedule substantially. With new rules in effect and new hygiene levels being expected, doubling your cleaning efforts may reduce any outbreaks and possible bacterial and viral contamination. Covid-19 can spread quickly. The virus can remain on surfaces for hours, so increasing your cleaning, or bringing in professional cleaners, can help cover all aspects and corners that require your attention. 

classroom hygiene School desk cleaning

Bring in the experts should you have an outbreak

We believe that professional cleaning is currently one of the most important aspects of any business or school facility. Should you have an outbreak, the professionals can come in and provide a quick and reliable solution that can get your school running at optimum levels again, with little disruption. 

Classroom hygiene cleaning

A quick conversation with us will provide us with the knowledge required to give you the best possible solutions to halt any further outbreaks. We can provide you with the cutting edge in cleaning equipment and trained professionals, along with expert advice on any changes you may need to make in your cleaning and hygiene schedules. 

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