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Industrial Floor Cleaning

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We recently carried out an industrial floor cleaning job at a factory which was stained with soil and oil. Initially, the reaction was “what do we do?”, this looked like a difficult job, however, as usual, there is always a solution for removing dirt and stains.

We decided to conduct this industrial clean using mopping, scrubber drying, and pressure washing. Mopping helps to clean the corners while pressure washing helps to break up the staining compound and make it easier for the scrubber dryer to brush off the stains and extract the excess water.

For the sake of safety, quite a few “wet floor” signs were used.

Floor cleaning sign showing "cleaning in progress"
Floor sign showing cleaning in progress, industrial cleaning.

Floor cleaning in progress

 The difference between the yet-to-be-cleaned area (left) and the cleaned area(right) is clear as day.

The Instagram link below shows a short clip of the scrubber drier in action. You can follow us on Instagram for regular cleaning updates.

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