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How We Re-arranged and Organised Our Stock Room

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If you read my last blog post, you will know at Green Heart Clean, we have been re-vamping our stock room (if you haven’t read this blog, you can click here to read it). We decided that it was time to really make use of our space by creating a new layout that was fresh while boosting productivity.

I first began by rearranging half of the room, as trying to move all the products and equipment in one day was too big of a task. I did this by tackling the right side first as this had more of the cleaning tools on. I managed to reorganise all our equipment, tools and bottles to fit on to 5 shelves freeing up two shelves in the middle of the room. This was what I had set out to achieve, meaning I could now dismantle the two empty shelves. While dismantling the first half of one of the shelves, I realised why not use the half shelf as a table/ workbench. After loving my idea, I half dismantled the second shelf, so I could push the undismantled half of the shelf up to the now table/ workbench, to form an even bigger working area. This really helped to open the space, creating a work area which is of more use. We now have a small cleaning solution corner, where all our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are kept.

I then proceeded to tidy the whole stock room, organising all our equipment, ready for our cleaners and managers to use with ease. The new stockroom layout has introduced a stockroom assistant into the mix, as we now welcome Marilena every Friday to help manage, organise maintain the general upkeep of our stock room. Marilena’s role will play a vital part as she will oversee deliveries, making sure they are made up and ready to be sent out, ordering stock when it gets low, putting away new deliveries, washing and drying our cleaning cloths and many more important tasks!

Organisation is key! But before you start reorganising, it is ideal to properly clean the surfaces that you plan to organise. Began your eco-journey with these household essentials…

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