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In 2015, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched (EHRC) an industry-backed campaign to improve working conditions in the commercial cleaning sector and to improve understanding of workplace rights by cleaning operatives and their managers. The cleaning task force ended in March 2017, just a month after my resumption into my current position as Company Secretary and HR personnel. I was indeed impressed by the level of awareness and advocacy the task force was able to garner. Unfortunately, many Cleaning Professionals are not noticed or recognised when it comes to employee well being, engagements and benefits. They still get their basic rights and benefits, but don’t get any extra bonuses that provide job satisfaction. Cleaning Operatives have been tagged the Invisible Workforce.


As an HR personnel in the Cleaning Industry, we understand that employers have a right towards their employees including cleaning operatives. Nevertheless, at Green Heart Clean, we decided to take on a motivational approach. We understand the true value of the professionalism involved in cleaning. That is why we provide more than the basics required to ensure our employees are well catered for and are visible. Cleaning operatives need to know they are professionals, work like professionals, and be compensated like professionals. They need to own their roles, know their value, understand their worth and be proud of their profession. This is our journey to building up the next generation of professionals within the cleaning industry.


We see a future where the cleaning profession becomes a desirable profession and not a last resort or temporary fix. A future where cleaning professionals have an enviable level of job satisfaction and income; a future where cleaning professionals wear their badges proudly and hold their head up high in the society with other professionals (irrespective of the level).
My research-based approach to Human Resources Management (HRM) makes this journey very productive. We have decided to use Twitter as a voice on this journey. Sharing our tips, tricks, successes, failures, strengths and weaknesses and collaborating with organisations who share similar values. Nonetheless, as it was highlighted at the recently concluded SD Worx Conference on the Future of Collaboration (#INSPIREeurope18) the danger of social media collaboration is following only people who reinforce our views rather than being challenged by diversity. We, therefore, borrow a leaf from that and look forward to collaborating with different organisations who share differing opinions and be challenged by alternative perspectives to successfully collaborate.
Follow us on this journey @greenhearthr and share your views, opinions, suggestions and feedback. We’ll like to hear from you.


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