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Nilco Fast Acting Oven Cleaner Review

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If there is anyone who loves cleaning ovens, they should be given a “Super Cleaner” award! For most of us who would rather clean the oven as the last task on the to-do list, you might find this review helpful.  And for the super cleaners, we hope this review helps you to choose your oven cleaner products quicker.

Oven cleaning - tools needed
Oven cleaning – tools needed.

The above items are essential; gloves to protect your hands, a brush to apply the solution to the corners, a scrapper to remove thick and stubborn stains on the flat surfaces, a nose mask to prevent inhaling the toxic cleaning particles and a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove the stains. The cloth can be replaced with a kitchen towel.

The best eco products to keep your oven clean…
Iron and Velvet Oven Cleaner

With a powerful combination of cleaning agents, this Oven Cleaner has been designed for those tough, burnt on fats.


Glass Bottle With Trigger Spray

A good quality amber glass bottle for all your natural product refills and/or natural homemade cleaning sprays.


Eco Coconut Scourers

An economical, biodegradable and highly durable natural scourer for kitchens and bathrooms.



So Nilco is one of the available brands in the Cleaning product range in B&Q stores. We wanted to know if it is worth using on our cleaning project since we do not have a dip tank that helps to fully emerge oven tools in the cleaning solution for a better cleaning result.

So first, it is a foam spray that we had to apply to all the surfaces of the oven and leave to activate. We were advised to leave for 30 minutes, but a recommendation of leaving overnight was also made. We had two hours to wait before we have to clean. So here are the steps and our verdict

Use the mask before you start cleaning the oven
Use the mask before you start cleaning the oven

Oven cleaners are toxic and when sprayed, you don’t want to inhale the particles. So use the mask before starting. Subsequently, you use the glove as seen in the item needed above.

Oven cleaning - waiting for it to work
Oven cleaning – waiting for it to loosen the dirt.

Once you spray the content of the container, you just have to wait. This process of waiting is important as it is the factor that determines how to lose the oven dirt becomes. The longer you leave the spray on the less bond between the oven dirt particles, and the easier it will be to clean.

However, the quality of the cleaning product can be observed as some foam cleaners generally dry up after a couple of hours, when it becomes dry it will be fair to conclude that the spray has lost its grip on the dirt. In our case, the Nilco cleaning spray started drying up after about one hour, but we started cleaning before it became fully dry.

Oven Cleaning- lots of scrapping required in order to loosen the burnt stains
Oven Cleaning- lots of scrapping required to loosen the burnt stains.

No tool should be used for scrapping, but you can find dedicated oven cleaning scrapping devices that will help in removing burnt stains. The spray solution made it easier to remove the burnt stains, however, we still have to do a lot of work to get the oven floor fully cleaned!

In the 2 hours and after a lot of elbow grease, not all stain could be removed.
In the two hours and after a lot of elbow grease, not all stain could be removed.
The solution removed stains on glass quite well after some scrapping. However the tougher stains need something stronger
The solution removed stains on glass quite well after some scrapping. However, tougher stains need something stronger.

To be honest, the Nilco fast oven cleaner is perfect if you were only cleaning your oven as part of your regular cleaning routine. The two ovens we had to clean hadn’t been cleaned in the past fifteen months, although they have been used regularly.

So from our personal observation of the Nilco fast oven and grill cleaner, it is perfect for the regular cleaning, but if you are facing a badly kept oven you might need something more effective. There are a few natural remedies that might be useful in cleaning the oven without using the toxic solutions we have here.

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