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Our New Office Plants – Being More Eco-friendly

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Meet Rejoice and Edmund they are our newest plants in the office. By bringing in more green life into the working space, we have increased the circulation of oxygen by Rejoice and Edmund breathing in the carbon dioxide, this helps to have that ‘fresh air’ feeling throughout the office.

Rejoice is a Chamaedorea Elegans which is great for an office without much natural light. These plants help to improve the air quality of a room while not being too high maintenance to care for. Rejoice is on Nasa’s list of 50 indoor plants to clean the air so we must have a winning plant on our hands!

Whereas Edmund is an Asparagus fern, which is a beautiful little plant which is quite unique as instead of soil and pots, our asparagus fern lives in a ball of soil with a live blanket of moss wrapped around it. These plants are great for air purifying and bringing a room to life.

We believe that caring for the environment doesn’t just end with our cleaning services, in our office we try to be eco-friendly as much as possible through many different methods, but our main aim is to bring more life into the office with our green friends, as there are so many benefits to having a bit more green in your life; reduce stress, help to increase productivity, help to reduce noise levels and boost creativity!

A big thanks to Tranquil plants for these plants and in helping us in deciding what plants were best for our office, while delivering a great overall friendly service!

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