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How to Remove Pet Hair From Carpet

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Recently we began cleaning the carpets at a trampoline leisure centre near Loughborough. The rule of the indoor leisure centre is that shoes are not to be worn on the trampoline for obvious reasons. This means that woolly socks among other types of socks are worn on the trampoline, and on the carpets. It was immediately obvious that the wool, which comes off the socks, plus the hair both mix and cling onto the carpet fibres.

Our cleaning staff mentioned it to us, and we had to look for a solution to removing the air and wool from the carpet. We initially thought of using a giant lindt remover, but that will be costly and will be time-consuming. We then discovered the airo brush. The airo brush has a spinning brush inside that plucks out hair and other stubborn dirt. As you will see in the picture below, tiny particles could get stuck between the carpet and suction alone was not enough to remove.

Normal vacuum cleaner head
Your normal vacuum cleaner head is only good for loose dirt.

The Airo brush was created mainly for removing pet hair, however, as you can see below, it also removes other hair.

Airo brush vacuum cleaner head
Airo brush from Numatic or other similar product are designed to do more than just suction, they have a brush to loosen dirt like pet or human hair

1. Many times, it is fair enough to say that vacuuming is a chore, but going to the extra length of finding the right floor head attachment might be too much to ask for some people. one confession from us, perhaps from any cleaner is that it is quite satisfying to be able to remove dirt that seems “irremovable”. So if you like to feel good about how clean your house, this will be an interesting kit for you.

2. Secondly, if bits of hair, wool, tiny debris etc are not removed from your carpet, they will only build up and then they will become a better attractor of dirt. What you end up with is a carpet that is full of dirt and as a result, the carpet fibre wears a faster than necessary.

3. Thirdly, it will make your vacuuming quicker while it will also extract more dirt from deep within the carpet.


Comparison of vacuum cleaner heads
Best vacuum tool for removing pet hair

As you can see the difference above, if tiny strands of wool or hair or other hard to remove particle are a problem for your carpet, please get yourself a vacuum cleaner with a brush integrated head or but a suitable alternative.

At Green Heart Clean, we learn on every new job and we always try to give the best to our customers. This is how we are able to discover methods that help us to clean faster and better. We currently provide professional cleaning services in Loughborough, Leicester and Peterborough.

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