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Splashes in The Home – Where They are Hidden and How to Clean Them Up

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When making and preparing food it can sometimes get messy and even go un-noticed when you have made a mess. When most people prepare and make food in their kitchen, the first place they will clean up after is the countertop, however, food can also get onto the cupboards in your kitchen and can sometimes not be noticed. When making food in your kitchen make sure to wipe down the cupboards as well as the countertop with just a clean cloth and water.

When making that morning cup of tea or late night coffee to keep you going, make sure to clean up any spills you may have made, as tea and coffee can leave stains on your countertops as well if any of the drink splashes on walls or floors. This can sometimes leave the unpleasant smell of coffee and tea in the room. To help clean up after you’ve made a hot drink make sure to wipe the cup down if any has spilt out and also try not to fill the mug up all the way to the top! This will prevent further spillages.

When cleaning the bathroom most people will focus on the toilet and the shower/bath as they are the most associated with dirt and grime which is correct, however, sometimes you can forget to clean certain areas around the toilet and bath/shower area.

When cleaning the toilet make sure to clean up the mess from splashback from urine and toilet water. This isn’t always just on the toilet seat, as urine and toilet water can get behind the toilet, on the floor and the back of the toilet. This can leave a bad smell in the bathroom and create a build-up of bacteria. Make sure to always clean in and around the toilet when cleaning the bathroom.

To help clean splashes…
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As for the shower, many products and liquids can cause a mess on the walls/tiles and the shower screen of the shower. When in the shower shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shaving gel, face wash and literally any product you use can be splatted across your walls when washing, this can often go unnoticed and leave your shower not sparkling clean. As well as this, sometimes the liquids left on the walls can slide down the walls onto the shower/bath floor making it slippy and unsafe for the next user in the bathroom. For a quick fix make sure just to wash down the walls and floor/bathtub with your showerhead once you have finished your shower. However, showers/bathtubs should be cleaned with appropriate cleaning solutions.

When thinking of liquid or food splashes they cannot just occur in the kitchen or bathroom which are the most common places for mess, however, door handles can also be just as dirty as your toilet? Every day in your home you will touch the door handles to each room countless times, this could be just after going to the toilet, preparing food or even carrying your cup of tea to the living room. From touching each door handle, you are passing germs and bacteria from person to person by transferring the bacteria. Make sure to clean door handles just as much as any other surface to prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria.

At GreenHeart Clean, we recommend using environmentally friendly products to clean your home, these give off the best possible clean and results in your household. Also, they will be the best products for your surfaces as they will not harm them with unfriendly chemicals you may find in other cleaning products.

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