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Stock Room Reorganisation

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At Green Heart Clean we’re always thinking about how to improve the smooth running of the business both external and internal. We thought it was time for our stockroom to get a revamp to help make it easier for cleaners and our office staff to manage our cleaning supplies and equipment.

We began planning on completely changing the layout of our current stock room to make the room feel more spacious and enhance productivity. The current situation is that we have rows of shelves covering the walls and in the centre of the room which hides the natural sunlight and makes the space feel small and enclosed, from this we realised only a small amount of people can be in the room at one time due to the restricted space. Also with the machines being stored in the corner of the room (blue boxes), it becomes harder to remove a machine when needed for a cleaning job, this also blocks the other sides of the shelves from being easily accessed. We, therefore, concluded that with our current design, the space on the shelves wasn’t being used to its full potential, as some shelves only have a few items on were others a packed full.

From this, we have decided to remove some shelves and maximise the rest of the space.  We would clear up the middle of the room by pushing two shelves to the wall and creating a preparation area with a table at the centre. This will improve our stock control and delivery process. The cleaning machines will also be completely removed from this room and be given their own space to be properly organised and stored.

Once we have started the process of re-vamping our stockroom, we will be sure to document the process! So keep checking back for an update!

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