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Tips for Oven Cleaning

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When it comes to oven cleaning, there are many uneasy stains to fight. Most of the time we tend to think of just the oven interior and the hob parts. However, we should pay attention to oven knobs, this part of the oven is either touched or splashed with grease from cooking. So just like in the toilets/bathrooms, where the door handles carry most germs, we have observed that the oven knob is what the “toilet door handle” is to the oven.

So take a microfibre cloth and pre-spray with disinfectant, use the cloth to pull dirt lurking behind the knob handle and then clean the actual knob itself.

We hope this video helps.

The best eco products to keep your oven clean…
Iron and Velvet Oven Cleaner

With a powerful combination of cleaning agents, this Oven Cleaner has been designed for those tough, burnt on fats.


Glass Bottle With Trigger Spray

A good quality amber glass bottle for all your natural product refills and/or natural homemade cleaning sprays.


Eco Coconut Scourers

An economical, biodegradable and highly durable natural scourer for kitchens and bathrooms.


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