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Different types of cleaning for your office

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Different Types of Cleaning For Your Office

When thinking of employing a professional office cleaning service, you may feel daunted by all the different services out there. Read on for our guide to help you to find the right type of cleaning for your office’s needs. 

Your office space is the physical embodiment of your business’s values. So, naturally, you want to ensure your office always looks its best. As a result of that, you present your business as professional, organised and tidy. 

But, offices receive a lot of wear and tear from staff and visitors coming in and out all day. As well as that, people spilling drinks or eating food adds to the general mess that accumulates over time.

Of course, your staff should be able to keep their workspaces clean and correctly disposing of food waste. But, for the bigger jobs that need doing regularly, it’s not uncommon for businesses to bring in some help.

So, let’s look at some of the different types of cleaning services that can help keep your office clean.

cleaning office door handles

Daily Cleaning Services

Daily cleaning helps to take care of the day to day messes and dirt that accumulates from your staff coming in and out of the office. 

Businesses usually employ someone to take care of this type of cleaning. Sometimes in the mornings and other times in the evenings after staff have gone home for the day. 

Whether you need daily cleaning or not will depend on the size of your office. How many staff are coming in and out of the building each day and how much mess builds up?

Generally, daily cleaning will cover things like emptying waste bins, vacuuming carpeted areas and mopping hard floors. Cleaning communal areas like kitchens and bathrooms with disinfectant solutions is also part of daily cleaning. Also, do not forget to wipe areas people frequently touch.

Daily cleaning service can sometimes also include a weekly deep cleaning service which is a more thorough type of clean. 

cleaning an office computer

Periodic Cleaning Services 

If your office does not require a daily cleaning, you might want to consider a periodic cleaning service. This type of cleaning is ideal for businesses that are smaller or don’t accumulate enough mess to require daily cleaning. 

A benefit of employing someone to provide regular cleaning is that you can choose the frequency of cleaning. Whether that’s once a week, twice a week, fortnightly or monthly or however often best suits your needs.

This service is similar to daily cleaning services. It ,generally, involves disinfecting all communal areas, vacuuming, cleaning hard floors, emptying bins, dusting areas and cleaning internal windows. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a type of cleaning service that is more thorough and intense than regular daily or periodic cleaning. 

Often used for kitchens and bathrooms or industrial spaces. A deep clean requires a more attentive and detailed clean that removes dirt and grime for a hygienic workspace. 

Deep cleans can also be completed in other areas, not just kitchens and bathrooms. For example, it may be necessary to have an office’s carpets deep cleaned annually to remove deep-set dirt and grime. This will return them to their original pristine condition. 

These types of cleaning services often use specialist equipment to deliver a thorough professional clean. It may be necessary to vacate the office space for these types of cleans due to the cleaning solutions used and the thorough nature of the cleaning service. 

For that reason, it’s often best to have a deep cleaning service conducted while the office is shut, either at the end of the week or over a period of time where staff are on holiday such as over the Christmas holiday period or during a bank holiday. 

window cleaners on office building

Window Cleaning

Just as you want the inside of your office to be sparkling clean, you want the outside to be as clean as possible too. For that reason, it’s important to regularly enlist the help of a window cleaner to maintain the pristine appearance of your building inside and out. 

A window cleaning service can be used by any business with external windows, however, if your office is situated in a tower block or other high rise structure you will need to hire a specialist who is trained in high rise window cleaning. 

Window cleaning services are some of the least disruptive services you can list as they are usually conducted outside and won’t require your staff to move from their workspaces. 

This type of cleaning service is only needed periodically, perhaps every one to two months depending on where your office is located and how much dirt and grime accumulates on those windows. 

Window cleaning is the finishing touch that shows your pride in your business and attention to detail. This could make all the difference when bringing in clients and visitors who may be looking to hire your services or invest in your business. 

Clinical Cleaning

Generally, these types of cleaning services are used by people in the medical sector such as hospitals, GP surgeries, dental offices and cosmetic procedure providers. 

Clinical cleaning ensures that a clinical space is restored to a sterile, hygienic condition to maintain cleanliness and prevent infection spread. 

Unless you operate in the medical sector, it’s unlikely that your business will need to enlist a clinical cleaning service. 

If you’re looking to employ the help of a professional cleaning service to help keep your office clean, tidy and presentable Green Heart Clean can help. We specialise in a variety of different types of cleaning and can tailor our cleaning services to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today to see how Green Heart Clean can help your office.

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