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Waterless Car Wash

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Have you ever thought of ways to clean your car quicker than the traditional way? A waterless car wash might just be what you need.  Waterless car washing is one of the best ways of removing dirt from cars fast. Moreover, it is the perfect solution to cleaning lightly soiled vehicles between more thorough cleans. Below is a short video showing the effectiveness of waterless car washing.

What do you need?

  • Waterless cleaning solution
  • Two clean microfibre cloths. One for removing dirt, the other for buffing

The method you want to use to clean with these supplies is simple. As can be seen in the video, simply place the solution on the car and gently use the cloth to remove dirt. Be careful around more sensitive surfaces since they can be easily scratched.

On one hand, a waterless car wash is limited to what it can do. For example, you cannot clean a muddy vehicle. On the other hand, since you only require three small items to clean your car, you can clean your car almost anywhere. Moreover, it is a great way of saving water which not only saves you money but it also saves the planet.

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