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Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

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In most offices, the staff spend around 35 – 40 hours a week in your office, it is very important to keep a clean and healthy office. Some offices rely on their own employees to clean to keep the office, this could lead to the cleaning not being adequate if the employees in charge has not been professionally trained. By hiring a professional cleaning company, you can save your staff the pressure to clean keep up with the cleaning while they have more time to focus on thier main duties. Hiring a professional cleaning company can boost your staff morale, helping them to improve thier work efficiency and saving the business on staffing costs.

  • In the Light of Covid19, businesses cannot be seen to be taking a gamble with the health and wellbeing of their staff. It is in the interest of the business to ensure they have a capable team in charge of their cleaning process so that the business can focus on growing and keeping thier customers happy. 
  • When appointing a professional cleaning company, it can help relieve stress in a few ways: less worry about using the wrong solution in any of your office environment, you don’t have to worry about creating a good impression of cleanliness to your customers. If you allow the cleaning company to do what they do best, your team can focus on what really matters to your business.
  • Working in an untidy environment can cause occupational stress on the worker. You will be helping your staff in an immeasurable way by providing a workplace that is designed to contribute as little stress as possible on the workforce. 
  • Who is going to replace the hand soap and the toilet roll? These issues are easily dealt with by your cleaning team where otherwise everybody thing somebody was doing it but nobody thought anyone had to do it. At green heart clean, we provide our own cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure we provide the best service to the best standard possible. 
  • If you prefer to ask your employees to clean your business premises, you also need to calculate the staffing cost that goes toward cleaning. In most cases, you will be getting more cleaning for every hour if you hire a cleaning company, not to talk of how much you have to pay per hour. 
  • Consistency of cleaning can be guaranteed by a cleaning company but it will be hard to regulate you the cleaning process unless you employ an inhouse cleaner who is experienced and can be trusted to conduct the cleaning process in a consistent manner.  A professional cleaner will make sure they are on time and kept to a time scale to make sure all areas are cleaned. 90% of employee’s find having a messy office to be distracting and demotivating. 
  • Management time required to direct and manage your cleaning team will be passed on to your cleaning company but you have to appoint a supervisor to oversee the cleaning processes if you have an in-house cleaning team. Speaking with Rest Ashore Cleaning in Cornwall, a friend of Green Heart Clean, they agree that managing a cleaning process requires the eye for detail and a tenacious spirit to ensure the cleaning is delivered to the required standard.  

By having a professional providing a service you are going to get the best result possible. To most employees, their workspace is like a second home, it’s important for it to be clean and healthy to make sure they are as productive as can be.

As we have always done at Green Heart Clean using the right product for the area being cleaned is essential. We believe that since cleaning should not cost the earth, any cleaning company you wish to appoint should consider the environment in their choice of cleaning product.

Green Heart only use environmentally friendly products to clean our premises, ensuring that no harsh chemicals are used that will harm the environment and the anyone using your workspace. Also by using non-toxic chemicals it also means cleaner air and reduces the risk of allergies. At Green Heart Clean we provide our own cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure we give the best bedazzling service.

One of our wonderful client Aileen highlights the excellent work our cleaners do for our clients, “We have used this company for a few years now and the owner is always professional, friendly and goes out of his way to accommodate our needs. We have received an excellent service from day one”.

As part of our office cleaning services we can arrange a visit to make sure we get all areas covered and ensure they are put into your own specific tailored cleaning plan that highlights all cleaning requirements your company requires before your cleaner starts.

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