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Yucky, Sticky World of Kitchen Grease

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That moment when you woefully attempt to flip your entire stir-fry wok in the air but missed, we have all been there. Kitchen adventures and accidents happen all the time, cleaning up the mess however is a different ball game.

Grease is every cleaner’s nightmare. Grease forms slowly, in most situation and over a period of time – “a splash at a time”, each splash adds a layer of sticky grease to the kitchen cabinet. As time passes, if the old layer has not been adequately removed through cleaning, the old and new grease bond together and forms a stronger substance resulting in a “harder to clean surface”.

To help scrub away the dirt…

Compostable Cleaning Sponges

These 100% natural set of compostable sponge cleaning cloths are made of natural renewable resources. They do not emit micro-plastic pollution, unlike classic sponge cloths.


Grease buildup forms by various means; through direct contact (touching a surface with a greasy hand) or via evaporation (when cooking, the smoke rising from the frying pan, or from the oven contains oil particle and settles on the kitchen ceiling), the other way grease is commonly transferred is through splashing. The latter is the most common as the splash particles can be very tiny and hard to notice.

So, the next time you are frying that steak, or cooking that deep fried mars bar, please bear in mind that grease will be formed so long as you have oil in the food. This is how to prevent a stubborn grease buildup:

Iron and Velvet Oven Cleaner

Iron and Velvet Oven Cleaner

With a powerful combination of cleaning agents, this oven cleaner has been designed for those tough burnt on fats.

Designed with the kitchen in mind, this kitchen cleaner is able to penetrate dried foods and greases to leave your surfaces looking as clean as possible.

Clean as you cook: Cleaning can feel like a chore but when you clean up while you are cooking, you will not only save time but you will be able to finish cooking and then eat your delicious meal, leaving behind a clean kitchen for the next use.

Use the right cleaning product: We have so many products nowadays but we need to start considering those products that are “food safe” and clean well at the same time.

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