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The other day we received a call from a local pub owner to come and have a look at the two gents toilets, they are old and in need of freshening up. We thought this is interesting, hoping the toilets were not beyond help. Upon arriving we realised the toilet was full of limescale with cakes formed across the porcelain urinal surfaces.

By observing the conditions of the toilet, we could reassure the customer that we knew the current problem of the toilets (as they are not just dirty from recent use, stains have also built up over the years). The customer was happy to trust us after our observation.

On the day of cleaning, we discovered the depth of the limescale build up around the toilet and the urinal stains on the floor. We quickly realised that there will be some elbow power needed to remove the stains within the short space of time available. The picture below is the result, sadly we didn’t take a picture before we started.

Loughborough Cleaning company - Pub toilets
Loughborough Cleaning company – Pub toilets

Two reasons why restaurants and pubs need to use professional cleaning companies

  1. Expert cleaning companies are able to see the state of the property from a honest perspective, while they are able to use their experience in cleaning to identify the issues that need addressing. Most of the time, these issues are usually from hygiene and presentation perspective. At a public house or a workplace, general cleanliness and hygiene ranks very high on the list of tasks that should be prioritised. When this is not being done, the organisation may be allowing a health risk to develop.
  2. Another reason why pub and restaurants need to utilise the service of professional cleaning companies is for maintenance reason. The toilet we cleaned had an alternative solution, to replace the porcelain urinals, which would have been very expensive. Luckily we were able to clean it to a reasonable state that can be maintained.

This is why we were given a  5 star  rating after a thorough cleaning and  excellent customer service. We offer our cleaning services in Loughborough, Peterborough, and London.

5 star 🌟 rating after cleaning a pub in Selby, charnwood borough
A five star cleaning services. Thorough and reliable

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