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Becoming a Team Leader at Green Heart Clean

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What an incredible month October (2018) has been, I have officially begun my role as a team leader. It has made me think more about the responsibilities involved in being a team leader in more depth along with the representation I give. I want my team to know that they can come to me about anything as to me, this is paramount, it is what being a team leader is all about, not being someone who my team are scared to talk too.

Being someone who does not shy away from things and likes to get involved straight away, I decided to get my team leading role off to a kickstart, by talking to the cleaners and creating a document welcoming the cleaners to my team. This document provides them with all the relevant information that they may need. This includes mine and any forms of contact while making clear I would like them to be able to contact me for anything. The document also includes a table of addresses for all of the clients they have been assigned and their fixed working rota for each week. I believe that this will help the cleaners and myself in keeping track of everything.

Not being afraid of getting my hands dirty either, to help further kickstart my representation as a team leader along with the document and talking to the cleaners, I decided to complete one of the cleans with one of my team members. The clean with them helped me to show to my team, that I am not afraid of doing the cleaning work myself too, and allowed me to observe their quality of cleaning while being able to talk to them about anything they wanted to talk about regarding the job.

Now looking deeper into what my new role can involve, it includes creating a schedule of work per site, keeping promises to customers, keeping an eye on the cleaner’s welfare and talking to them if ever need be, the cleaners quality and performance as a cleaner, clarifying instructions to the cleaner to complete the job for the client, collecting and approving timesheets, checking in on sites to complete audits, having one on one quarterly meetings with my team and putting my team through any required training. I will have the new point system which will be in use at Green Heart Clean to help support me in disciplining team members if ever need be, but hopefully, this will not be needed!

Not only is the team leading solely team leading, but it also involves being more involved in the operations sides of things too due to me needing to work more closely with the clients that my team clean for, in order to keep the clients happy along with my team too. To me this means, forming a strong working relationship with the clients and my team. Another part of the operations side I am involved in now is adding/removing time on my teams work rotas while moving things about on rotas in a way which is effective for the client and for the cleaner.

Moving forward with being a team leader, I plan to find ways that will allow me to always do my best for my team and for the clients whom they clean for. I believe if I can keep both parties equally happy, high quality of work will be achieved along with the founding of new friendships.

– Hayden Walker (Business Development Officer and Team Leader)


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