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Cleaning in The Dark! A Story From Dr. Clean

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It is the week before the first bank holiday in May 2019, Saturday evening when our hard-working cleaner (named DC) went into one of our client’s offices in Loughborough for a regular contract cleaning job. The office is right in the middle of Loughborough town centre, a location that most of our cleaner cross daily. During this time, restaurants are getting ready for their busiest evening of the week while many are meeting with their family and friends, celebrating all sorts of achievements from birthdays, job promotions to new parents to be.

It was a lovely evening, light breeze with a bit of warmth left over from the sun’s heat; DC arriving to work, has managed to open the front door, disabled the alarm and secured himself inside the building, he is ready to clean. As the cleaning began DC noticed that one of the lights weren’t working in the far end of the office which overlooks the main road. This office has little reflections of street lighting coming in, but it was not adequate to see properly. Normally, it is not a cleaner’s job to ensure that there is sufficient lighting but DC decided that he did not want the client to come to work on Tuesday morning and see that a  part of the office had not been cleaned.

This made DC think of the skills he had learnt as a cleaner, he realised that he knew what he was looking to clean, he had a good study of the room from chair backrest to the legs, dusting the monitors, cleaning the telephone and keyboard, the back side of the table to removing drinks stains and fingerprints of the reflective table surface. DC felt he had no problem cleaning the room after this careful action plan. He got his clean microfibre cloth, a bucket of clean water to rinse the cloths and an Eco-friendly multi-surface sanitiser spray solution. He practically cleaned in the dark because he knows what he needed to clean, how to clean and a little ray of light from the street-light was enough to keep him going.

Resilience is a characteristic of a good cleaner, while our cleaners are on the job, various problems can be faced, sometimes locks are changed and we have not been told, sometimes a big meeting took place earlier in the day and we have to clean up the conference room with a lot of dishwashing to do, and sometimes office staff stay longer to catch up on their work, yet it is still our job to bedazzle the client.

At Green Heart Clean, we tell ourselves that any job we start must be done in full to the standard we have set with the client, even if it takes a little longer. We do pay a little extra for cleaners who demonstrate they can go far and beyond for our client. Are you a company who is looking for a good cleaning company to work with, we believe that if you give us a call and you will be in the right hands.

Green Heart Clean is a reputable Eco-friendly cleaning company located in Peterborough, Loughborough, Leicester, Market Harborough, Chesterfield, Grantham. We are open to welcome your business.

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