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Affordable & Sustainable Cleaning in Market Harborough

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Green Heart Clean is a cleaning service that serves businesses within Leicester and Market Harborough, offering a healthy, safe and eco-friendly alternative to conventional chemical-based cleaning. We also provide cleaning services in other locations such as Loughborough, Chesterfield, Grantham, Peterborough and London.


Many businesses ask the question, “why should I get a cleaning company to clean my office?” I would like to answer this question for you.

Having a dedicated cleaning service provider to manage the cleanliness and hygiene of your business premises is something that we have found to be incredibly important for most businesses. The main reason is this, you get to focus on the running of your business. You will also get to save on cost, here is how; the time it will take you to clean your office or workspace maybe two hours per week. If you spend that two hours on improving your business quality or reaching out to more clients, you are most likely to add a few hundred to your turnover. When you ask a local cleaning company to fulfil your cleaning service needs you will pay roughly £30 including vat.


Now onto another important topic, sustainability. Why is it so important, why does it matter to your business especially if you are living in Market Harborough?

Market Harborough has very low air pollution according to airvisual.com. So “why should I bother if the air quality is good?”, you need to bother because the rate of change in the environment means that the rate of increase in pollution is increasing. By not paying attention to the impact that your business is having on the environment, might mean you are unknowingly causing the environment unintended harm. Aside from reviewing your office appliances, travel plans and the heavy machinery you use, we are hoping that you can also consider reviewing the services that you subcontract out. Services such as cleaning, facility management, refreshment supply and plant maintenance etc.

A CLEANER’S POINT OF VIEWeco-friendly cleaning

At Green Heart Clean, we have actively ensured that we choose cleaning products that are sustainable, and that do not add toxic material into the water stream. The main culprit is bleach. Bleach causes a lot of unwanted side effects such as damage to the oesophagus lining, and the lungs according to an article published on “side effects of inhaling bleach” on Ehow.co.uk. We know that the above damage will not happen with every inhalation, but the risks are increased through prolonged use of bleach.

Why do people love bleach? We think it is because of the sodium hypochlorite composition which gives a smell that most of us strongly associate with cleanliness. We also think bleach is loved by many because it can be used on white to remove stains, and it does a good job at being a disinfectant. There is an issue with the latter point however, bleach itself is a corrosive product. According to onehowto.com, the corrosive nature of bleach decreases as it acts on surfaces and eventually decomposes into salt and water, but when bleach is poured down the drain the cleaning effects continues until it wears out. Bleach on human skin can be very harsh, however, bleach on sea creatures can cause a detrimental effect on the ecosystem.

Therefore, we encourage companies to take the initiative to address the impact of their business practices on the environment. When you hire Green Heart Clean for your cleaning services, you automatically reduce your environmental burden on the environment.

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