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Dr. Clean to The Cleaning Rescue at a New Build Construction Site!

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Here at Green Heart Clean, Doctor Clean is a cleaning superhero who on this occasion allowed a building contractor to hand over their site on time.

It was a dark and stormy day, as seen through the eyes of the building contractor. The thought of the building not being ready for their hand over date due to another cleaning company letting them down hugely, resulting in fees of thousands of pounds and a bad reputation was about to come true. However, the building contractor knew that Doctor Clean was down the road working on one of their other sites. They immediately contacted Doctor Clean for help!

“Doctor Clean, we have a building to hand over but nobody to clean it, we need your help!”

Doctor clean looked around and noticed the storm clouds brewing in the distance above the other building site. The sight of them was terrifying!  Nevertheless, he began thinking about the work currently on hand and how he could help.

“Are you available for me to come over to view the situation now?” with that comment Doctor Clean heard thunder in the distance as the building contractor replied.

“Yes, we can have a team meet you there right away”

Doctor Clean headed over to the site and met with the building contractors team. They began walking around the building where Doctor Clean immediately noticed the sheer amount of cleaning work there was to be completed, in a very little amount of time! There were many places which hadn’t even had a proper builders clean! Doctor Clean could see that the building was a large open planned area across 2 floors with a centre atrium, suspended ceilings and all of the exterior walls contained adjoining windows running through the middle of them. The windows, doors and ironmongery were all covered in paint, raised floors covered in large amounts of dust, bathrooms and shower rooms caked in dirt and on top of this, high-level cleaning of glass panels, columns, beams and windows were a must. Doctor Clean thought to himself a lighting bolt from the storm must have hit the building as no reputable cleaning company would leave a building in this state! It was then when Doctor Clean was looking at the high-level cleaning in the atrium, a member from the building contractors team spoke to him.

“So, what do you think Doctor Clean, can you help us?” Doctor Clean thought long and hard, he wanted to help the building contractor but knew that he couldn’t do this on his own.

“Even with all of my power, this is too much even for one hero to complete before your deadline… I will need to get my Green Heart Clean team involved!” With that, the building contractor was entirely grateful for any help they could get. Just as Doctor Clean thought he had seen everything the building contractor then spoke again.

“Oh, and Doctor Clean, the raised floor will also need lifting up and de-rocked” a flash of lightning occurred overhead and the building lit up.

“Not a problem,” said Doctor Clean. “Me and my Green Heart Clean team will have it covered, we will not let you down!”

Doctor Clean was able to start work on the site immediately as the building contractor had asked for the Green Heart Clean team from the original site to be used too. This new site was a top priority. Doctor Clean and the team gathered up their cleaning equipment and headed over to the new site. After getting the team inducted, the Green Heart Clean team were talked through a plan of works and were persuaded to working extra hours as well as working over the weekend. After gaining the team’s approval, Doctor Clean was then able to concentrate on getting more Green Heart Clean cleaner on board. The clean was hard going but Doctor Clean and the Green Heart Clean team were determined to keep going. It came to the day of handover; the thunder clouds were lifting but Doctor Clean knew there were still small pieces left to be completed due to the sheer amount of work. The scrubber drier and a set of vacuum cleaners were still on full steam, while the Green Heart Clean team are busy scanning through door frames, skirting boards and windows for any specs of paint, but time was running out. It was here Doctor Clean used initiative and agreed with the building contractor for the team to carry on cleaning while the client walked around, purely so anything that needed addressing could be done there and then. Finally, after the inspection had come to an end and the client had left the building along with the building contractor, the last of the storm clouds lifted and the sun began to shine bright across the entire site. Doctor Clean knew the Green Heart Clean team had succeeded!

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you can always contact Doctor Clean and the Green Heart Clean team for their assistance in saving your day!

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