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Commercial Medical Contract Cleaning Service

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In December 2016 Green Heart Clean were approached to provide a commercial contract cleaning for a famous (GP surgery) medical centre in East London. After quoting for the daily cleaning the customer was happy to give us a trial. It is now February 2017, and we are pleased that our client is happy with the dedicated cleaner we have provided, and they can see the benefits of the daily cleaning in the waiting area, consultation rooms and toilets.

Are you considering hiring a contract cleaning company in London, What should you look out for?



First, the cleaner is just as important as the cleaning company. Ensure that you are happy with the cleaner(s) you have been allocated, make sure they live relatively close to your office or clinic so that they will not have to face along commute when coming to work.
Naturally, a good cleaner is trained to care for the customer and consider the role of a personal task. Many cleaners find themselves just cleaning to make ends meet, however, a professional cleaner will not want to leave the premises to go home knowing that some areas of the building still need cleaning. This is the kind of cleaner that any company needs.


As much as a cleaner is determined to be professional and wants to provide the best service, much responsibility lies with the company to support and train them so they can be up to the task. It is important to check that the cleaners are well paid (this will depend if you as a customer are willing to pay the appropriate cleaning cost also). A well-paid member of staff usually understands that well-paid jobs are not so common, and they tend to do their best to work with their employer in order to satisfy the client.


The type of cleaning products used by the cleaning company will have an impact not just on the quality of cleaning but also, it can help to keep an organization compliant. For example, GP surgeries are regulated by Quality Care Commission (CQC). CQC have a cleaning expectation that they consider when they are assessing any surgery. So, for any surgery to be compliant with CQC, whether the surgery is in London, Peterborough or Leicestershire etc they need to ensure the quality of cleaning adheres to the CQC requirements, also it will be safe to ensure it adheres to NHS’s National Specification for Cleanliness.

Other organisations for example, in a clean engine manufacturing factory, will have to consider that the cleaning provider uses the right cleaning products that will not cause an unintended effect on the air quality or surfaces. This is while the cleaning products will still be able to remove any spillage from the surfaces in the factory.

The list can go on and on, but we hope you have a little insight into what you need to do to hire the right cleaning company for your organisation. If you wish to get in touch with us or you would like us to provide a cleaning quotation for cleaning your property in Peterborough or Loughborough and Leicestershire, please do not hesitate to contact us or call us on Peterborough – 01733 639050,  or Ring our Loughborough head office on 01509 767560.

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