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Cost Effective Carpet Cleaning in Loughborough

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Green Heart clean offers carpet cleaning services to commercial and residential properties across Leicestershire. We use environmentally responsible cleaning methods and all our products are natural, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Over the past 10 years since we have started offering carpet cleaning, we have had the opportunity of upgrading our carpet cleaning machines and equipment a few times. What this means to our quality of service is that it enabled us to clean thoroughly to the base of your carpet and furnishings, extracting grit, dirt, bacteria and stains.

We recently visited a retired couple to see if we could clean the carpets in her home, which had been installed twenty-three years ago. She was concerned whether they would withstand the process, so to be sure we could clean the carpets, we went out to view it. Normally we ask customers to support our low carbon footprint plan and use WhatsApp or email to send pictures, which our professional team can use to give honest and robust feedback.

Upon getting to the client’s house, we accessed the carpet room by room, the carpet fibres have gone through a lot of wear, but they were of good quality and had aged well. “We can clean all the rooms,” we said, we also gave an accurate competitive price as seen on our carpet cleaning page. We left our number so that she could call us if she wishes to use our service. We have made it our habit to leave clients with a no obligatory quotation, we believe the client has their own the right to trust our company, and to choose us as your cleaning service provider if so wishes.

We have many scenarios like this where the client is unsure whether their home/office carpets can be cleaned, or whether they will be facing a huge bill of replacing the carpet. Our job makes it easy to see why you can, in most cases get more life out of your carpet. In the end, the carpets happen to have gathered stains over the years due to everyday use. A week later our lovely client rang us agreeing to the quotation we gave her. Our carpet cleaning technician gave the carpet a shampoo treatment which uplifted the carpet fibres while the hot water application killed off any resident bacteria or dust mite. Our client was pleased that her 23-year-old carpet can last at least another few years.

We have another example of a happy client who was at a bungalow we cleaned near Mountsorrel, Loughborough. It was a bungalow belonging to an elderly gentleman, he is relocating to a nursing home and his children were preparing the house for sales viewings. We had the privilege of being asked to remove the drink and food stains that had landed on the carpet over the past few years. We were also asked to give the toilet a deep clean to further bedazzle our customers home.

Before our carpet cleaning technician left the bungalow, the staff from the local estate agent arrived to evaluate the bungalow. To our delight they made a positive remark about the carpet looking clean and smelling fresh.

One of the children further booked us to clean her home carpet later in the summer.

Our carpet cleaning technicians have in the past had the privilege to work for schools, rental properties, offices and homes. Every carpet cleaning appointment we book, stain removals usually have to be tackled. We have never had a problem with most stains from drink stains, food stains, pet stains or traffic stains, the main thing is to remove the stain sooner than later. The longer you leave the stains, the harder it is to remove, but that does not mean we cannot make it better. Most common stains we tend to clean are due to high traffic or food/drinks being poured on the carpet. By following the right process, we can remove debris within the carpet fibres, then give it a general carpet shampoo treatment, and finally treat each of the stains individually.

Whenever you require a carpet cleaning service in either Loughborough or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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