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Green Heart Clean’s Making of the Cleaning Professional

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Since the beginning of this year, the matter of professionalism has been at the core of our service delivery and employee training. In 2013, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) launched a project to examine employment practices in the cleaning sector in England, Scotland and Wales. They published their report in 2014 with an emphasis on improving working conditions for cleaning operatives and adopting fair employment practices. They described the cleaning workforce as “the invisible workforce”

At Green Heart Clean, we have taken this a step further and redefined our mission statement to reflect not just fair practices but to further build a career in cleaning for our employees. Most people want to pride in a career that fulfils them and caters for their needs whilst standing tall amongst their peers. This is the sense of belonging we are building for employees of Green Heart Clean. It’s “The Making of Cleaning Professionals”, “Making Visible the Invisible Workforce”.

Our Cleaning Operatives have a professional development route from Cleaning Operatives to Cleaning Professionals to Cleaning Supervisors and finally Cleaning Managers. All it takes is dedication, determination and hard work to reach the highest potential. Our values promote and support the personal and professional development of every employee. With a dedicated HR and Admin team, anyone with a flair for cleaning can surely achieve their highest potential and bedazzle within our team.

One of the first initiatives of our HR team is our Employee Engagement Platform for cleaning professionals – CleanBow. “As the rainbow shines through the cloud, so does CleanBow bedazzles through our workforce”.

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