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How Green Heart Clean Got Into Cover Cleaning

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What is cover cleaning? Many of us in our various professions, especially in the service industry are used to asking our colleagues to cover for us while we had urgent matters that needed our attention in our family life or personal. So, cover cleaning is a service that provides cleaning staff to step in for a period of time while the regular cleaner is away. Usually, the staff being covered for has been employed directly by the company or individual who is seeking our cover cleaning service.

Here is a little information on how we got into cover cleaning. In 2016, a school in Leicester approached us and wanted to know if we could provide a cleaner to work alongside their existing cleaning team while they find a replacement for a new cleaning staff. We had not offered such service before, but we strived to ensure we had a credible and skilled staff to appoint to the school. The school needed a DBS certified staff, who could clean for 2 hours per day, though we did not have any staff within the company then who fit the profile and had the availability, we were able to recruit a perfect match. After nearly 1 year, the school asked us if they could have our staff as their permanent staff and we agreed. This was the start of our cover cleaning service.

Again In 2017, we were approached by a fabulous clothing company in Loughborough, they needed a substitute for their cleaner who was about to go on holiday. We were excited at this request and we wanted to experiment and see how it will go. Two weeks ended and we had a rather encouraging feedback from the customer who made us realise that our cleaner was very helpful because of how he blended into their busy ecosystem and no one realised their main cleaner was on holiday. Of course, they knew that the cleaner was different and personalities would be different, but the job was done and as a result, we could support our client to keep running their business the way they chose. This client had us provide another cover cleaning this year (2018) and we sent them another member of staff. The feedback was that our staff was very hard working and they did all that was needed to be done, this time even better than expected. The best thing about the feedback this year was that we did not have to request for a feedback before our client chose to send it to express how happy they were for the service we just provided them.

Since July 2017, we have provided cover cleaners to the manufacturing, medical, retail, education and leisure industries. When we started providing cover cleaners to clients in Loughborough and Nottingham areas last year, we had to learn to be flexible because sometimes, the client might need us for longer than expected and other times, the short-term cover cleaning can turn into a regular contract in situations where the client just lost a member of their cleaning team. Before we appoint a cleaner to represent Green Heart Clean as a cover cleaner for another client, we have to ensure the cleaner is skilled in cleaning and independent enough to adapt to the new environment, also that they can communicate with the management team in the company in order to work with them.

We also have to make sure that the appointed cleaner is not already appointed a job at our other clients’ site if so, we need to ensure there is no clash in the timing of all the appointments assigned to our staff.

Challenges of Cover Cleaning – Many clients need cover cleaning but we are slowly discovering that most companies or residential homes who employ their own cleaners directly have not thought of hiring a cover cleaning service from a professional cleaning service provider. To help potential clients out there, we decided to talk more about our “cover cleaning service” it is basically a short-term cleaning contract that you can purchase to complement the work of your existing cleaning staff/team. Most clients will need a cover cleaner when their staff is going on holiday, on long-term sick leave or they are in the process of recruiting their in-house cleaning staff. Green Heart Clean will be very happy to help you if you or your company or anyone you know requires our cover cleaning service. We provide this service to homes and to businesses alike.

Tunde Sobola – Managing Director 

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