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How We Worked With a GP Surgery to Improve Their CQC Rating

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A GP surgery, based in London asked us to provide them with a cleaning quotation. We are always happy to help new clients as well as existing clients to achieve the highest level of cleaning possible. They agreed for us to become their cleaning provider and we were delighted – one more customer!

We began cleaning in 2017 till date, and we have worked hard with them to improve their CQC rating with one year. Care Quality Commission is a regulating body that inspects health and social care services in England.


The surgery had carried out their cleaning in house, which had initially been sufficient for them. However, after having a CQC inspection, and receiving a rating of ‘Requires Improvement’ (orange), they decided to take action. The Green Heart Clean was invited to provide a professional cleaning service that meets the requirement and offers a healthy, safe and eco-friendly alternative to conventional chemical-based cleaning.

The surgery’s original system didn’t have a fully documented cleaning process, and there was no cleaning specification that fully outlines all the areas of the surgery, for example, the level of cleaning they need on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and committing those areas to the cleaner’s able hands. As a result, some areas that are hard to reach, high levels and internal surfaces of cabinets were not being cleaned as they should.


Green Heart Cleans approach to cleaning is to clean everything in the room to a top industry standard. The cleaner will be limited by time and reach, but we believe a proper cleaning carried out by a professional cleaner should include all aspects of the area being cleaned.

The cleaner cleans in the order of priority and according to the time available. First of all, here are the cleaning needs of all GP surgeries, some require more cleaning than most, but in this case, we decided that this GP surgery needed the following:

  • A thorough cleaning of all surfaces, removing handprint, stains and most important dust from all corners and surfaces especially top levels and interior of drawers and cabinets.
  • Infection control procedures and prevention method were not consistent, we had to ensure that our staff are infection control trained, and made aware of the sources of infection and how to minimise them through proper cleaning.
  • Colour coding was changed so that the surgery now operates the national colour coding scheme, which can be considered as the industry best practice for colour coding. This change will help all staff, including the cleaner, to work together knowing what is being used for cleaning, and can collectively prevent misuse of cleaning items in the wrong areas of the surgery.
  • In addition to the above, a lack of proper labelling and datasheet to identify the safety measure to be followed in case of an accident were missing. All our products have the correct labels on them, and the cleaners are aware of what each product are used for, and where to go for urgent information (datasheet – accessible to all cleaners).
  • One of the major changes that our team brought in was the documentation of the cleaning process. This includes the cleaner’s signing-in information, cleaning activities carried out on daily basis, a record of any audit or improvement that has taken place, and information about cleaning cloths and mop heads (when they are changed and how often they are changed).

To ensure that our cleaning process is in line with the CQC, we had to fine-tune our own methods along the line. This experience was great for us because we saw the need for a thorough, consistent cleaning process that is reliable and effective. Here are some of the things we learnt along the line:

  • Frequent audit: our aim is for the cleaning to be as spotless as possible, so we decided to audit the cleaning monthly. We also made the practice manager aware of the issues we have identified, and what we are doing to improve those issues. They can also see the improvement the cleaners have made month on month. GP surgeries are public places and can be very dusty within a short period of time.

Our frequent auditing system helped to pick out many areas to focus on before any of them become a big issue.

  • Cross-contamination: we identified that the microfiber cleaning cloths we used were the best for cleaning, however they weren’t very hygienic to maintain. This is due to the cleaner’s cupboard also being in the boiler’s room, and the wet clothes become warm and therefore become a germ-friendly host. We decided to use disposable cloth’s (which cost more), but we know that they eliminate the risk of infection. This was a success; it also helped to improve the quality of our cleaning as there was no more warn out, raggedy cleaning clothes sneaking into the cleaners’ hands.
  • A clear schedule of cleaning: We updated our cleaning schedule three times when we noticed certain improvements that needed to be made in order to clarify our expectation from our cleaners. We also needed to ensure that we can present the cleaning documents to CQC as proof of a proper cleaning process that was being monitored, which also meets the current needs of the GP Surgery.
  • Finally, communication: we made sure that we are working together with the practice manager to ensure that we are on top of the cleaning and that we take the overall hygiene of the practice very seriously. This means communication which each other is the key to a mutually beneficial relationship, in which we can tackle various issues over the year.

The proof of all our hard work was shown when CQC decided to come back for a re-inspection. To our amazement, our client has regained the

‘Good’ rating in early 2018. The inspectors commented on how the cleaning has “significantly improved”. We know it was a team effort between Green Heart Clean and the GP practice; it is great to work with a client and see the result. To keep the effort going and to prevent slacking, we did not just improve our processes for the GP surgery; but we are ensuring that the improvements made at the surgery flow into other sites we clean. We have also carried on with the monthly cleaning audit (which is still proving to be a good idea).

Green Heart Clean is committed to improving the quality of cleaning on all our sites, and we are a very teachable company. We embrace technology and the use of the most feasible environmental friendly cleaning products to ensure that the environment is minimally affected by our cleaning activities.

As you can read from this case study, we work with GP surgeries and health centres that need a forward-thinking cleaning company to work with. Having Green Heart Clean as your medical facility cleaning provider will make a huge positive impact on your organisation. We don’t just offer cleaning service to health centres only, we work with schools, restaurants and offices in London, Peterborough, Loughborough (Leicestershire), Grantham and Chesterfield.

Give us a call today and we will do our best to help you improve your cleanliness. If you have been downgraded by the CQC and need to change your company urgently, please call us ASAP and we can arrange a site tour and see what sort of help you will need

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